Gmail accounts do not work

Since a few days gmail accounts do not work any more.  They do not check the accounts. It does not work in firefox and not in chrome. I am not working with googe+ (I refuse). I still want to use gmail only. I work with Desktop PC Windows 7 - with this Xnotifier does not update gmail accounts - nore firefox neither chrome (newest Version xnot). And I work with laptop windows XP - with this xnotifier works perfekt. Is there any problem with Windows 7?

I would appreciate a short message who to solve this problem? Thanks in advance


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Any idea when will be updated?  It still has 3.3.6, and as a general rule, I don't install addons unless they come through the mozilla site.

tobwithu's picture has review process and it is slow because there are many extensions.

X-notifer on this site is same as one on

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I do NOT installed App Store unless they come though the Apple site, 100% follow rule.

I followed my rule 99.9% on other addons. I break the myself rule .1% on X-notifier,
because I can NOT wait other several weeks for mozilla site to approve X-notifier addons.

That if you (solstyce9) can wait for several weeks, to keep your 100% rule, no problem,
and enjoy your version 3.3.6 for several weeks until addons at mozilla site update.
(Please forgive me for ironic remarks.)

If you still rather to download from mozilla...

you can download
(click on 3.3.9, but mozilla did not approval yet.)

Also you can see TWO skip version 3.3.7 and 3.3.8 on mozilla site (because they are SLOW!)


While on site complete two version 3.3.7 and 3.3.8. You can look this URL...

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I have the new version and it still doesn't check the gmail

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  1. Type 'about:config' in the location bar.
  2. Find 'extensions.xnotifier.accounts.[].cookie'.
  3. Right click it and 'Reset' it.
  4. Clear cookies and caches
  5. Restart Firefox.
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I tried this and I have other things for my gmail accounts (2), but I do not have a cookie for either one of them.  I do have them for my yahoo accounts though.  What next?  Can I reinstall the latest version somewhere?  Thanks.

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...has been 'reported'.  It takes a little time for admin to receive, review, and remove.