Can no longer click on X-Notifier button to get to inbox?

Up until today I'd been using an outdated version of Webmail Notifier, which had a feature where if I clicked on the Webmail Notifier button in my status bar, it would load my inbox. It would also do the same when I right-clicked on the button and chose my email account from the dropdown box, or when I clicked on the link in the popup box that notified me when new messages come in.

I upgraded to X-Notifier 3.2 today and none of these seem to work anymore. I can only get to my inbox anymore by typing in the URL in the URL bar, which removes a lot of the convenience of X-Notifier. Is there something special I need to do to enable this feature, or was it removed at some point? I've downgraded to Webmail Notifier in the meantime, but I don't like not being up to date.

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X-notifier 3.2 does the same thing.
If it does not work, uninstall/reinstall X-notifier.

When X-Notifier shows new email (orange icon), clicking the X-Notifier icon should open all the accounts with new email in their own tabs.  When X-Notifier icon is gray ( no new emails), clicking the X-Notifier icon should open the account which is listed first in the X-Notifier Options defined accounts list.  You can click an account in the list and move it to the top, with the arrow buttons to the right of the list.