WordPress v.s. Drupal

Old Drupal, (Mozdev)
Tend check TWICE... UNread, click and visit website all read done, repeat warning me something new, but I re-visit website all done read.

Previous WordPress,
Tend check ONCE... UNread, click visit website all read done, NO repeat waring me. (I like THIS.)

Current Drupal, (Tobwithu.com)
Same explain as Old Drupal.

There is a way to check ONCE, after I read forum without repeat?
(I do not mind, if any edit update on forum)

Anybody has same problem?

Thanks, CFBancorft

[Edit, to answer RpD's question below, was 3 min,
I change back to 10 min and see what happen, Thanks for take notice...]

X-Notifier notifies me, I go to read 'Recent' (read all of them).  And that's it, as far as I remember... XN goes gray.

The only time I get further notification, is if I post something (new or answer some other post)... then after I leave, XN notifies me of new post even though it's my own and so there's nothing showing as 'new' on the Recent page.

What's your check interval for XN-forums?

 [Edit: Ya, I think perhaps you have to get your reading of -all- 'new' done before the next check. ;) ]