Auto-check and notify for updated scripts


It could be usefull, if x-notifier could  autocheck if there is updates for scripts we have installed and notify us when there is one. At this time, we need to check it manually... and most importantly, to think to do it.

Before today I've never taken care of that, but since a few weeks my notification has been broken, and today I choose to take a look at that.

What I've just discovered is the fact the installed scripts are not auto-updated, are outdated and broken, when in another hand they were updated several times on the website.

I guess there are different ways to implement that, but one good solution could be  to add an optional "updateURL" parameter in the scripts like the userscripts for greasemonkey.

Excuse-me, for my broken english.

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Auto updating scripts can be dangerous because I don't have https server.

I will make scripts update checker instead.

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Now you have it in X-notifier 3.3a.
XN-scripts will notify scripts update.
It will create 'default' account like XN-forum if you update from previous version.
Or you can create an account manually. Add any string as username and password.

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I have updated to the new beta and can rollback a script, but not quite sure how to test it.

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For example I have three script


XN-scripts will notify only three?
Whole XN-scripts update will notify me, even I did not download scripts, beside three?

Thanks, CFBancroft

The 3.3a update, with scripts update checking, just gives us a new "XN-scripts" script, to define an 'XN-scripts' account that X-N can check for 'new' (items).

I'm guessing...
...that when there is an updated script (for -any- of the scripts that you've installed into X-Notifier), that XN-scripts will place a " ! " next to the XN-scripts account (rather than a number)... just like it does for the XN-forums account when there are new posts in the forums.  It just indicates that there's something new and it doesn't say what or how many.   I would hope it would only indicate new updates for the particular scripts we've downloaded, and not just when there's a change to the scripts list/page.

I don't have any new scripts to test this, but when I click the XN-scripts account, it simply takes me directly to the Scripts page at

And so, probably we have to hunt for through the latest lisings (at the top) when XN-scripts notifiies us, to see what's new.
Just guessing though.


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When you have update scripts, XN-scripts will notify the count of updated scripts.
And it will bring you to the list of them.

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I back rev'd my comcast script and it found an update.  after the update of the script, the window was blank and showed no new scripts.

Now we know 'the rest of the story' ;)

Very good. It works great, and its better than what I imagined. Thanks!

For people who want to test, you can easily test by opening a script file (<yourProfile>/xnotifier/scriptName.js) and edit the "ver" variable with an older date. (a restart of firefox is needed)

Please check script because it is not working.  The webmail service changed a few things.

You're adding on to a post about a feature for checking for updated scripts.
You should really make a completely new post and not add on to existing ones.

If you want to request a new or updated script, read this...



When I update the X-notifier by clicking "Check now", the CPU usage goes up fast and never falls below 20% after all is checked.
After that I disable the plugin and restart, as instructed, and again enable and restart again and CPU returns to normal.

Please help, I really like X-notifier.

Ubuntu 14.04/Firefox 37.02/X-notifier 3.5.6

You're adding on to a post about a feature for checking for updated scripts.
You should really make a completely new post about your problem and -not- add on to existing threads about something else.

(I would suggest uninstalled X-Notifier and re-installing it.  Don't reply here... make a new post.)