Is it possible to add other accounts than just Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL.  I have an account on and would love if I could check my mail on there.    Just wondering if this were possible.   Thanks!



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Besides the included account scripts numerous account scripts are written by admin and contributed by others. You can find admin's script for download here:

To add this script to X-notifier:

  1. Download the script at some location on your computer
    (I heve a folder named 'My XN Scripts').
  2. Go to the Options page from the XN icon menu.
  3. Click the Scripts button and add the script from the folder where you downloaded it (click Ok)
  4. The script is now available from the dropdown left from the Scripts button. Select it.
  5. Enter Username/Password and click the Add button, which adds the account to the rightside list.
  6. Uncheck the "Use similar product search (Superfish)" option.
  7. Click the Save button on the bottom.


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Scripts serving numerous accounts are written by admin and contributed by others.
You can find ( admin's script ) these scripts for download here:

( Please look your host on first page, if can not find please next page 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. )
Click on the Name heading to sort on hostname. Now you can estimate on which page the script for your account can be found. When the script is available:

Cannot get the ABC Strikethrough to work. So the parts between parentheses are to be deleted )

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Perhaps a better title would be:

How to add extra (not included) host accounts

Maybe "How to add other email providers/accounts using custom Scripts feature"?

A bit wordy though. ;)

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  • Uncheck the "Use similar product search (Superfish)" option.

You might need to explain more about Superfish, instead tell XN user to UNCHECKED!

Tobwithu depend on Superfish to support his family...
because of people not enough donations,
so Superfish as Tobwithu's back up to survial (income) for his family.

I know that Superfish sometime bother me, but I SUPPORT Tobwithu.


one more... I use (admin's example.dom script ) that is ok with you? or get better example?

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I agree with your and RpD's remarks about Superfish and admin's related intentions. No disrespect intended! Was a bit quick and dirty, to prevent unexperienced users to get surprised by the Superfish feature. Please use your own judgement and correct my text like you see fit.

I also don't understand the (admin's example.dom script ) part.
Like I mentioned the text I put in (...) was meant to get replaced by my correction.
Sorting the scripts on Name seems the most efficient way to me to check the availability of a script.

But don't worry about my approval. Like RpD mentioned, it's your User Guide. I am just glad to be of help regarding grammar and/or logic.

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jeroen wrote ... ( admin's script ) ... it talk about

CFB modify to ( admin's example.dom script ) ... it talk about general domain...

1) You can find ( admin's script ) these scripts for download here:
2) You can find ( admin's example.dom script ) these scripts for download here:


3) You can find these scripts for download here:


As jeroen that I do not understand your part about...
Cannot get the ABC Strikethrough to work. So the parts between parentheses are to be deleted )

[Also durpal to be blame because do not save Strikethrough...]

That cause me to rewrite new word 'example.dom' instead of delete?

Just tell me which is which 1, 2, or 3. I will update...

EDIT: RpD pick right word 'custom'.
I already update it... and don't worry about pick 1, 2, or 3.

jeroen said "it's your User Guide."

It's not "Mine" User Guide... more alike OUR User Guide...

I rather to use "wiki", but durpal not make it possbile...
so Tobwithu allowed me and RpD to access User Guide.

I must thanks to jeroen, RpD and Tobwithu for make User Guide "possbile"...

if no User Guide... X-notifier user will ask repeat, repeat question...
I was on forum for almost 4 years or so...
I notice that when I type User Guide and it become less repeat quesiton.

If I notice any repeat... I will create new User Guide... to prevent...

Again, Thanks to jeroen, RpD and Tobwithu.



I think it is done... I thanks to RpD for word "Optional:"
I think it is "wrap it up" on User Guide...

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Dear CFB,

I mentioned "your" User Guide, because it is your idea and instigation. Our noses are all pointing in the same direction ;-) So we are all good on that :-)

You asked me to correct your English grammar. So, while knowing very well my Asian language grammar knowledge is definitely zero, I am asking you to correct this English sentence:
"You can find custom these scripts for download here:"    to...
"You can find these custom scripts for download here:"

(They are "custom scripts"... Which custom scripts? : "These/those/that custom scripts")

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Your User Guide is steadily growing, which makes it more and more difficult for users to find the answer to their question. Wouldn't it be a good idea to categorize it in sub forums, like the Request forum is divided into Script and Feature Request? Like:

User Guide
-  User Interface
-  Extra Configuration Options (about:config)
-  POP/IMAP Configuration
-  Troubleshooting

I second that sub-categories suggestion! ;)
Also about "these custom scripts"... instead of 'custom these'.

Lastly, being a perfectionist, I would make these small changes:

( Please look for your host on first page, if cannot find please look on next page 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. )


  1. Download the script to some location on your computer
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I did send private email to Tobwithu long, long, long time ago...

Tobwithu respond... see below...

I'm not sure what the 'User Guide' should be yet.
Just write some posts as you did recently.
When we have enough posts, I will classify them.

I hope that Tobwithu will classify them accord to jeroen's suggest...

User Guide
-  User Interface
-  Extra Configuration Options (about:config)
-  POP/IMAP Configuration
-  Troubleshooting

I am glad that I am helpful to X-notifier go along with RpD and jeroen's help.

Thanks, CFBancroft


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User Guide's sub-title is ...


For example:
Request's sub-title is ...
"More replies means more people want it and it's more probable to make it."

So that way Tobwithu do not need to think of sub-title...

Thanks, CFBancroft


"Helpful info on using and configuring X-Notifier"


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Ah, I see... only one subtitle is needed.
RpD's suggestion with troubleshooting added to it?

"Helpful info on using, configuring and troubleshooting X-Notifier"

No additions or corrections for my subcategory suggestion?

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User Guide
Helpful info on using, configuring and troubleshooting X-Notifier
-  How to...
-  Hidden options (about:config) for FF/TB/SM
-  Commons Q&A
-  FYI

example for FYI... ("nothing have to do with X-notifier program.")
[FF] How to move X-notifier sidebar to the right side of the browser
linkedin script setting for invitation
Auto load webpage Donation/Thank You
Explain about color code for Newsblur script
Explain between X-notifier's & Gmail's multiple login

example for Q&A
you can see all Q&A links...

example for about:config
you can see all "about:config" explains.

What is left put How to(/Example?)... (for example IMAP/POP... etc)

There is other way to say....???
I am open to add jeroen's suggest(s)...
You might have better idea (second thought???)
Your English better than I do (smile).

User Guide
Helpful info on using, configuring and troubleshooting X-Notifier
-  How to/Example...
-  Hidden options (about:config) for Firefox
-  Commons Q&A
-  FYI


What about you(jeroen & RpD) think of my sub-title & links?


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Move de s from Commons (Common Q&A) to Example (Examples).  ;-)

"How to" is actually allowed without the space as phrase from the internet world:
Howto / HowTo  -

I was already surprised you guys were instantly accepting my suggestion, which I just pulled out of my head; not knowing whether it covers all your User Guide posts.

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User Guide
Helpful info on using, configuring and troubleshooting X-Notifier
-  HowTo
-  Hidden options (about:config) for Mozilla-based
Common Q&A's/Examples
-  FYI

Above Edited based on RpD's suggest.

That if I understood your comments/corrections, any more corrections above?

"HowTo"... Thank you and I like it...

Which is best ... for Firefox or FF/TB/SM?

Thank you for comments "accepting my suggestion", BUT Tobwithu have "final says".


While they might be simple for some people to guess, others aren't going to know what TB or SM stand for... may have trouble with FF, if there's no introductory text. Although it may be mostly tech users that visit, there could be some non-techs.

I might spell it all out, one time, IF there's room.  "...for Firefox, Thunderbird, and Sea Monkey"  
...and include a note somewhere -highly- visible, like...  
Note abbreviations: Firefox (FF), Thunderbird (TB), Sea Monkey (SM); Chrome (Ch), Opera (Op), Safari (Sa)

Perhaps also note different versions of X-Notifier in same notice...
One xnotifier#.xpi version for Mozilla-based products (FF/TB/SM), and similar-but-separate versions for Ch (.crx), Op (.oex), and Sa (.safariextz).

Maybe a "Read-Me-First" guide... to which you might add a few other basic, general things.
Just a thought.

 I think Jeroen meant ti change Commons/Example Common Q&A's/Examples ...since there's no plural of the word 'common' (except for British alternate version that means 'a dining hall in a residential school or college' or 'land or resources belonging to or affecting the whole of a community'. ;)

 I somewhat like seeing links to forum threads in the guides... it's like directing the readers to conversation where they can ask for further info... although it might result in very long topics.


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@RpD, THANK YOU for bring it up!

I already thought that before, per our (CFB-RpD) discuss in old, old forums that I understand, you do not want get involved for some reason...(no need explain reason here)... So I start it on my own with User Guide, with RpD a little but helpful. AND lately jeroen that seem "interest-in" to help it out...

My thought about "Read-Me-First"... it will NEVER in forum!

It will SAVED in .PDF !

I guess RpD, CFB and jeroen will communicate in PRIVATE email, CFB will create pages, I am not surprise it will be about 50-100 pages all include TOC, Introduce, Step by Step, FAQ, and Trouble-shoot.

After all of us accept finalized and have Tobwithu upload .PDF in main page and Mozilla website.

RpD will balk on 50-100 pages in .PDF?
What about you(jeroen)?

I don't have a problem with size of file.... but don't know how fast I would read it.

But ;)... be warned, if I read to correct... I'd probably 'bleed' all over it (corrections in red).
I'm a nitpicker, down to where to place commas, etc.
(And again, my reason to balk, is that being a collaborative editor is a lot more work than doing occasional comments in idle moments.)

I'm not sure what's meant about 'never in forum'.  A ReadMe post is just handy info about using the guide (yes, it's a guide to the guide), and should be very 'brief'. And since it's hopefully just a 'sticky' post at top... people can choose to ignore it, and just search the guide forum for their specific item.

Publishing a PDF... is the same as publishing a book (or pamphlet/brochure) ...and if it's only on X-Notifier main page and Mozilla, "never" in the User Guide forum, then it's a separate thing... not good.  I would suggest it (corrections and all) be rendered in the User Guide forum, and simply place links, on the main page and Mozilla page, to the guide forum, TOC and all.

But it's your show.


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"Read-Me-First" (a couple of pages? in other words... how to set it up.)
"Users manual" (50-100 pages? explain everything such as Hidden options.)

We will copy all FROM User Guide into "X-notifier_users_manual.pdf",
so that way people need to copy .pdf for their reading later when they cannot access to internet or wifi.

Explain about word "Never", because we will have

User Guide
Helpful info on using, configuring and troubleshooting X-Notifier
-  HowTo
-  Hidden options (about:config) for Mozilla-based
Common Q&A's/Examples
-  FYI

No need to have "Read-Me-First" or "Users manual" on website page... because already have it. (see above)

It only save into .pdf for their off-line internet.

as RpD said "I would suggest it (corrections and all) be rendered in the User Guide forum"

My answer  YES ...

We will work on website all corrections...
We will copy and make pages and save EVERYTHING into ONE .pdf

For their use such as print out, or show their boss, friends, etc... possbile off-line internet.


 As you said "But it's your show."

It is NOT my show, but more alike OUR show!

Many manuals have a 'guide to conventions used in the manual'.

For the User Guide, that would be such things as I suggested, just before the ReadMeFirst... explaining the abbreviations FF, TB, SM, (and whatever for Chrome, Opera, Safari)... and ...that there are different versions, one Mozilla-based (.xpi) and one(s) for C/O/S.  

For another example... right now, in User Guide, you have many topics that start with "[FF]"  <<<< that is what could be explained in a 'ReadMeFirst' in the User Guide forum... not 'how to set it up' (X-Notifier).  

Explain things about the User Guide... in the readme your abbreviations, and anything else -of a general, non-XNotifier nature ...that would help users in understanding and using the User Guide (not XNotifier).

You see?


CFBancroft's picture

I agree with you about explain FF TB SM etc...

Then post it... I will ask Tobwithu to "[click] turn it on" Tack Icon on ReadMeFirst.

"You see?", and now I do SEE your point make.

Thanks, CFBancroft


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RpD is right regarding my comment. Perhaps I should refrain from commenting with hidden humour. Although I was tempted again to us it on SM ;-)
And even I had to ponder on what TB & SM stands for, so also there agreeing with RpD!

Having to admit I have my reservations about the usability of the User Guide (does it score effect with users?), I was also looking for a way to make it more addressable; diving into drupal to investigate if it is possible to choose where to insert new posts (nodes) instead of sequential (newest last). And move around existing posts. Because in a User Guide it would be more favourable to sort topics in an alphabetic order (starting the post title with a keyword). But is admin prepared to spend time on making that work for CFB?
Having a TOC as first post is also not a bad idea.

CFBancroft's picture

I am sure that RpD enjoyed my SM! (Smile) (Pardon me, jeroen's idea not mine, Smile)

I agree with jeroen's "User Guide it would be more favourable to sort topics in an alphabetic order"
WITH "Having a TOC as first post"

CFB respond TWO in one... ReadMeFirst&TOC...

Alike RpD's suggest about FFTBSM stand for...
and everything need to "spell it out" any short words. i.e. TOC is "Table of Contents"

underneath it will be TOC and brief comments and properly link with in User Guide forums.

See Below... RpD misunderstood what SM means, that is perfect example that we need "ReadMeFirst" to prevent misunderstood.

SM means SeaMonkey (smile)

RpD enjoyed my SeaMonkey!

It seem we are back and forth to set up... ReadMeFirst & TOC etc...

@Tobwithu what your thought about this?



I'm not into SadoMasochism (S&M)...  >;}

Never mind.


jeroen's picture

And let's be clear, I wasn't suggesting that either...

Well, since I have Sea Monkey, I think I knew what SM stood for in the Mozilla universe.

Trying to figure out what's humorous about SM resulted in S&M (funny to me >;} )
...I'm not sure what I 'enjoyed' but it's not S&M or whatever else "SM" is...
I think I can drop this tangent now. :s

Back to  your regularly scheduled programming... (that's a joke, son)  (<< and so is that... from Foghorn Leghorn)   (kinda violent, though it's what I watched, a long time ago)