X-notifier (for Gmail™,Hotmail,Yahoo,AOL...)



Updated January 10, 2021

Please don't think this is a complaint because it is not. Also if I missed an announcement I am not trying to be provocative I just didn't see the announcement.

I greatly appreciate using the add-on over the years but I do believe we deserve to know if the developer has completely stopped developing X-Notifier or finally lost all interest or if life happened and can no longer give it the attention it needs.

The AOL notifications have been broken for months and again if it's not going to be fixed I am not complaining but I would like to know.

This add-on accesses our email credentials so if it is no longer getting security updates we need to know. 

I know X-notifier Neo is there and appears to be getting regular updats but I do not like it as much as the original.


Yes I believe it's due to an upgrade with Microsoft is why we can't log into Hotmail and Outlook emails 

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It's AOL that has not been working for months. I just want to know if the original X-Notifier is now abandonded. If so it is finally time to move to something else.

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It's been more than a year since the last update, Outlook/Hotmail accounts are not working since months ago and the problem is still not fixed.

It may be definitely abandoned but it would be useful if the admin confirms it.

Hotmail has been working with X-Notifier since inception. Always works for me. Maybe folks are not connected properly with Microsoft.