xnotifier logging me out of google accounts

Cant check any of my gmail accounts with xnotifier on. Disabled xnotifer addon and google kept me logged in after relogging into all my google accounts. Enabled xnotifier and it wont check my emails anymore plus it logs me out of google. This just started happening recently so maybe there is a change on gmails end? I dont know.

Update: I reinstalled the plugin and relogged into my accounts and it seems to be working again.

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Same with me. I've already reinstalled, and it worked for one day, now it's back to refusing to login to Gmail or Yahoo. It doesn't populate all after logging into my default account anymore, and when it again checks, it logs me out of all Gmail.

I sent you an email after doing all your fixes.

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Starting yesterday all gmail accounts turn to red. It means that X-notifier stopped working. It appears that Google may have changed the login procedures at least in Firefox. Is there any turn around or fix for it? Thanks.

Yes same things here

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Meeeee Toooo! 
also, i've never been able to have more than one yahoo account work as well... i've read where some have multiple yahoo & gmail accounts.

I just noticed this morning that all my gmail accounts were logged out. I log into them manually, X-Notifier logs me back out of them and doesn't check any. Hopefully this will be an easy fix for the dev since it renders X-Notifier unusable for gmail.

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X-notifier aims to emulate the login process to establish a session with the server, playing the client role of the browser. Version 4 doesn't preserve cookies like version 3 did. And I suspect the majority of the accounts get served by google servers X-notifier fails to login to. So it is a good thing the script is built to function on manual login: It then skips it's invalid login procedure and should work. To maintain session over browser restart one should preserve the google cookies that get stored by the browser during the login process. Eather keep all cookies over browser session or set the exception for  cookies of https://accounts.google.com and https://mail.google.com (Allow).

Cookie expiration of accounts needing manual login will end the session of all accounts needing manual login. Only accounts that get logged in by the script will get re-logged in by the script after cookie expiration. I have 5 of those, the more than 7 others I need to login again after considerable time: I think every half year, considering the session cookies probably have a life time of a year, but the experation dates of course vary ( it takes one to end session for all).


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Yep, tnx!

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x notifier logs me out all the time, im using outlook that was known as hotmail back inb the windows vista,windows 7 days and windows 10 64 bit