XN(4.2.11) with Firefox 67.0


Since FF pushed to 67.0 it seems there is a minor issue with XN.

Normally when clicking on the XN icon - without new mail notification - the dropdown windows shows with the mail accounts.
Now when clicking the icon the dropdown windows shows, but it appears that it's empty.  Only when you hover over the window the mail accounts will show up.

When new mail arrives this issue is not present, and the XN icon and window have normal behavior like always.

It seems to me that this is kind of bug? 

More people who use FF 67.0 have this as well?

Edit: I just discoverd that i only experience this on W10(x64). I just updated an W7(x64) and there is everything working fine.


Just wanted to let you know that X-Notifier 4.2.11 is working well with Mozilla Firefox

once in while it gives me problems with Chrome but i clear cache, cookies, history than

log into each email than i have no more problems. So it seems to me that X-Notifier 4.2.11

is working perfectly fine.  I give it a thumbs up for sure.

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The basic functions, retrieving mail, is working fine with me as well. 

Only i noticed that, without  new mail arriving, when clicking on the XN icon, it doesn't show anything in the dropdown window. Once i hover over the window the mail addresses/options etc. show up.

This was not in the previous versions, so i only opened a topic about it to see. For example with FF 66 this (little) issue was not present. For me it started instanly after i updated to FF 67.

I will always give XN thumbsup :)

I have seen the blank window after I click 'Check now', wait for it to finish, and then click the X-Notifier envelope icon... I just run my mouse pointer over the blank window and all the accounts show up. But... I have not cleared anything as CyberToothTiger has done. 


A few days ago I lost usage of my account at Yahoo.

Would you please help me

Thank you in advance.


UPD I use Firefox 56.01 and everything was OK till a few days ago.

UPD UPD I use FN 4.2.11

What do you mean by 'lost usage' of your yahoo account?
Do you mean that X-Notifier won't get -new- email count on your yahoo email... or that you cannot access your Yahoo account (can't log in or whatever)?
X-Notifier 4.2.11 is checking for new email at my yahoo account and accurately reporting new email count... using latest stable release of Firefox (67.0.1) and latest stable release of Chrome browsers.

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I've seen a few updates passing by now, but the blank window is still there.  

Is it not addressed yet, or will it stay like this?


I honestly don't understand why you choose this topic for your issue. It has nothing to do with this subject and is also another version of FF???


It's probably a low priority bug.  It has been around a lot longer than since you posted it in forum.
Once you click the icon, all you have to do is slide the mouse pointer over it.
I will mention it to developer.

The developer has said the blank window is a problem related to Firefox and he has not found a way to fix it yet.

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Ok, thank you for the info.

It might have been around for longer, but i haven't noticed it before, and i'm using XN since the beginning.
With me it only occured instantly afer FF updated to 67.0 .