AOL not working - solution found in Basic/Standard mode?


As indicated by my posts in the last few months, Webmail had stopped working with both of my AOL accounts some time ago, no longer notifying me of new emails. I had tried both old and new versions of both the firefox browser and the extension itself, even added the AOL script to the old version, but nothing took.

Then a development happened. Through a bug that left one of my accounts in "standard" mode as opposed to the "basic" mode I have used for the last 15 years, the extension started notifying me of new emails once again. Curious, I changed both of my accounts to the standard mode, new email notifications started coming, and after changing one of them back to Basic, it stopped working again until changing it back to Standard.

So apparantly using the Basic version of AOL's mail page prevents notifications from being picked up? I don't know, but as long as it works again, I'm willing to put up with the eyesore look of the Standard page. So if this scenario is at all similar to any trouble you're experiencing with getting X-notifier to work with your AOL email account, give it a try.

I've tested both FF and Chrome... and "Basic/Accessible version" is not checked by X-Notifier 4.x.

As for old FF (56.0.2) and old X-Notifier (3.5.23)... Jeroen will have to extract the AOL version from the June 15th 4.2.3 udpate to make it available for old X-Notifier 3.5.23, etc... to test that version with Basic AOL (but it will probably fail too).  I will report this Basic AOL version failure to the developer... and see if this is a known limitation, or if it can be fixed.

Also, Jeroen will have to extract the new xforums script from the July 13, 4.2.4 update to make that available to old X-Notifier 3.5.23, etc.  (He is unavailable until September.)

Just as a heads up, I'm using X-notifier version 3.5.23 as opposed to the current version, as I find one-click-and-email-opens infinitely more useful than the click-and-select-account setup the new versions use. Really wish that wasn't changed, but what can you do.

Just saying for the record if that factors into this at all.

I can't really test 3.5.23 for the Basic version failure... because it doesn't matter since there was a different fix for AOL (applied 6/15/2018, which is not available yet from Jeroen) AOL would not be checked for another reason (in 3.5.23) as well as the Basic version problem. As I mentioned, I reported your discovery, and we will have to wait to see what Tobwithu has to say about whether there was a 'limitation' of newer XN (that can't be overcome) with the Basic version... or if this problem is 'new' and he can fix it, also... but the fix, if it comes available, will be for XN 4.x... (XN 3.x is 'deprecated', no longer supported for updates) ...and we will have to wait for Jeroen to extract any fix from the 4.x version so the extracted fixed script can be added by users to XN 3.x ...Jeroen is on vacation or something until September.
(Unless someone else wants to extract it, if available soon.)

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Fixed in 4.2.5

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand it stopped working again, or at least my primary email which uses the old-style mailbox is no longer working again.


Reeeeeeported... again.

Out of frustration I tried updating to the newest version of X-notifier just to see if it might work

It didn't, so the issue is accounts with the old mailbox style I suspect.

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Please test X-notifier 4.2.6.

My account works with it.

If it does not work, please refer to here.

As mentioned above, I tested this with version 4.2.6, my old style mail account did not work with it, while my new/unified style mail account does work, unfortuantely the latter is my lesser used email while the former is my business email.

Did you test an old style account with version 4.2.6?

I attempted to go into the settings of my old style account to change it to a new style, but it seems the option to do so has been removed from the settings.

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I tested with Basic/Accessible Mail.

I can switch to standard version in options menu.

As I wrote in linked post, I need 'not working account' or log file to fix it.

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Fixed in 4.2.7.

If you use 'New Mail/Old Mail' instead of 'Inbox', update to this version.

Thanks to Hyoumaru

AOL has apparantly disabled the ability to change an old style email account to a new inbox style account and vice-versa, just stating for the record as this is relevant to the issue.