Twitter not working for past few weeks

Anyone else use X-notifier 3.x to check for new Twitter posts?

Mine has not been able to to check Twitter, "Twitter: not checked" for a while now.  Does Twitter work on the 4.x version of X-notifier?


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  1. My X-notifier Reloaded 3.5.26 is working for Twitter on Firefox 56.0.2
  2. X-notifier 4.x does not include Twitter

Twitter in X-Notifier 3.5.23 on Firefox Portable 56.0 failed for me...
...I updated FF Portable to 56.0.2, which is working... for now ...but I expect it to fail eventually.
Twitter in X-Notifier 4.2.1 on Chrome also fails.

Apparently, Twitter and LinkedIn have both changed their homepage/login for security reasons.
--- I have found that Twitter can be -temporarily- fixed by clearing all Twitter cookies...
....eventually, Twitter will fail again... until you clear Twitter cookies again.
Clearing cookies does not work for me to fix LinkedIn, even temporarily.

Tobwithu has -not- found a way to fix these scripts, at the moment. He said:

I checked the twitter script.
As you said, it does not work.
This is because of the changes on twitter homepage.
Twitter set 'SameSite' cookie for security reason.
'SameSite' cookie is sent only in browser, not in extension.
Linkedin homepage was updated. More security check was added like twitter.
I couldn't find a way to make it work again.


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@RpD: Right, I'm forgetting Chrome (again). Twitter doesn't work there, but this SameSite cookie is named differently and only set by the Chrome browser. Two actually: csrf_same_site & csrf_same_site_set. And they are indeed marked as not script accessible (HttpOnly).

But my Twitter at X-notifier Reloaded 3.5.26 is still working in Firefox 56.0.2, though I should mention that I noticed only a few weeks ago my Twitter account finally got unblocked again (too short a checking cycle, I now have it set on 69 minutes). And I also had to clear cookies to make it work. But as I said, Firefox does not seem to need to store those csrf_same_site cookies...

I had been getting notices from Twitter that my account was violating rules and had been suspended....  all I had to do was answer the "I'm not a robot" prompt and it was unlocked... but I kept getting that suspension.  I just don't use the account all that much and it's not been hacked that I can see... so I increased the checking interval to 20 minutes. I don't think I've gotten that rules complaint again... yet.

I also had Twitter failing in FF (Portable) 56.0... then I updated to 56.0.2 (my regular X-Notifier 3.5.23 works fine with updated scripts, thanks to you and others).... so far, Twitter hasn't failed in Firefox.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn is not working with either browser, regardless of clearing cookies.

[EDIT: As mentioned... Twitter has failed again in FF 56.0.2 with XN 3.5.23. 
I don't find it necessary to use X-Notifier Reloaded... it is not a necessary Twitter fix, that I can see.
Oddly, I got another account locked notice when using Firefox Portable 56.0.2 ....I lengthened the check interval to 20 minutes in FF now also ...unlocked the account but FF not checking Twitter although I can login by clicking account in XN drop-down list.  I cleared all cookies... Twitter working again.
I'm not sure if it was the unlock only or that plus cookie clearing... perhaps I didn't wait long enough.]

I'm using Reloaded 3.5.25 and it is not working.  Will 3.5.26 fix Twitter?  Where do I get it?

EDIT: OK, I found it on github and installed it but it still did not check Twitter, just says "not checked".  If I right click and select Twitter in the menu, it load up the page just fine and I see all the new tweets.

I then deleted all the Twitter-related cookies and Twitter asked me to confirm I'm human, then Reloaded was able to check for new Twitter messages again...  I guess I'll see how long this lasts...

Thanks for your help!

 EDIT 2: Twitter not working again.  I assume if I clear cookies it will start working again for a short time.  Any ideas on how to fix this more permanently?


Any solutions for Twitter?  I've been living without it for like 3 months now.  Is this just not going to ever work again or is it only me that is still having this issue?

Developer did not find a fix, a way around the recent security measures adopted by Twitter login.
If Twitter changes them again... maybe he could fix it again, someday.