Gmail grayed out in 3.5.23

Since yesterday Gmail has been grayed out in 3.5.23. You can click Gmail and it takes you to Google/My Account and has you logged in. From there I can select the Google apps icon at the top and check my mail but notifier isn't actually showing new mail nor does clicking Gmail in notifier actually take you to the inbox anymore. I've removed xnotifier and reinstalled v 3.5.23 for it to have the same exact issue.

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Good idea, Erwin ;-)
I tested your 3.5.24 xpi that includes JustOff's gmail fix in a Firefox test profile and it does work without giving any warning on the addons page.

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X-Notifier-Reloaded (3.5.24) works for Gmail & Yahoo Mail, but not with
X-Notifier 4.0.3 works for, but failed with both Gmail & Yahoo Mail.
Tested with FF53.0.x (32bit) on Win8.1 (64bit).

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I would like for you (ewwink) check into  Yahoo.COM...

I have Yahoo.CO.JP it seem work fine right now.

What do you need from me? Log? and your email address?

Thanks, CFBancroft

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@ewwink seems developer released 4.1 for yahoo fix. Once available for firefox i hope you can fix reloaded version too