Office365 and X-notifier 4.0.2 (FF 50.0.1)

Hello everybody,

I've understood that the new release of X-notifier with FF 50 doesn't permit to import scripts.

The problem is that I use very often the Office365 script available on your scripts section, because I've got some Office365 accounts. Is that planned that Office365 will be included natively in future version of X-notifier? In order to not use script for it.

Thanks a lot

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Go to Safari (allowed options to add scripts!), and add script, then export and import into Firefox 50 with 4.0.2...

I do NOT know what your script will work or not...

I did try Facebook... NO GOOD!

So let you play with it.

Hey CFB...

I've tried both my old XN 3.5.23 firefox export and my XN 4.02 chrome export (both have over 20 accounts) ... FF's XN 4.02 only imports what it supports (the embedded scripts in FF's XN 4.02).
Would Safari be any different? Can't run it anymore on Windows.


Hello :)

I've already tried it because I've kept a save of my last export before updating FF. It has replaced the script Office365 by Hotmail... Which doesn't work, obviously.

Maybe I should try with an export with Safari, but I ask you the same question as RpD : why Safari would be different for exporting ?

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ENABLE for you to input scripts!


THEN IMPORT... into Firefox,

I did with POP and IMAP NO works! NO LUCK!

I am not sure if Office365 script WILL WORKS? Yes or No?

I let you play with it yourself! I do NOT have Office365 script on my end!


I did make it happen!

I can NOT bribe to Mozilla,
but I am successful bribe to APPLE! to make it allowed!

Why don't you switch to Safari?

and forget it on Firefox? (unless you stay with 3.5.23!)

Oh.  I see... you mean to suggest that he switch to Safari (IF he uses a Mac).
Might not he also try Chrome? (particularly if he is using Windows)

I have no idea what Spitt was referring to in that comment (11215)... maybe he was just impatient for Chrome version to be updated, as his comment was a while ago, and it may have been in complaint of other issues not being addressed fast enough.  Chrome version is now 4.02, working as usual... nothing to do with Firefox changes ...and just because they have same version number, does not mean that they have same features (like custom scripts).

I will try it, but I need to find a Safari portable version before. I don't want to install it on my OS (and yes, I work on Windows).