X-notifier comparison


More secure

Easy to use

Message preview

Message management

(Mark as read, Report spam, Delete)

More convenient

Support multiple login

More cusomizable options

Support user scripts

Login Detect user's login automatically Auto login
Password Not saved Saved
Supported sites Gmail, iCloud mail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Aol

Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Aol

+ Other sites with user scripts

Each version of X-notifier has different features.

I could not include all features in one version because security and convenience is not compatible.

Please use the suitable version for you.

I really like the auto-detect feature. I just wish it could somehow detect my school email account.

So if I understand this right, neo needs the passwords saved in chrome, it just visits the page and chrome logs in automatically with the saved password.  Neo doesn't do scripts, only has the inbuilt support for Gmail...Aol.  Non-Neo saves passwords, but not securely?  Non-neo can have scripts to allow grabbing data from other sites, e.g. roundcube.

It's a shame that neo doesn't support roundcube as that's a popular webmail client, or even all the usual 3 of horde, squirrelmail, roundcube.

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You don't have to save password when you use X-notifier Neo.

Login is up to you(Manual or Automatic with saved password).


X-notifier Classic save encrypted password. But you can see the password with Chrome's Developer tool.

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First of all that's a Great Work .. We just need some features like got only notfiaction based on specifec message title or "email sender" it'll be amazing