After last update social + Promotions tabs emails are showing

After last update social + Promotions tabs emails are showing. how to disabled those notifications?

EDITED: (so never mind my previous shallow note)

Check out this post:

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RpD, you make me suspect you didn't read/understand my mail/post:
Previously the 'Notify inbox only' count notified the Primary Inbox Category only (the correct approach). Now it notifies the complete Inbox, meaning the total of Primary + Social + Promotions + Updates + Forums Inbox Category unread count.

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Thats not an solution bro, last time this plugin worked well, not i get daily spams + promotions emils, then always showing notifications,

any way to remove those tabs from this plugin?

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I don't understand your english very well, but when you use Chrome/Opera:

Are you using Firefox?

It appears Jeroen has a solution for Chrome/Opera... but I don't know since I don't use Categories, everything goes into my Inbox and I sort it myself.  Otherwise...
Apparently on Gmail side, you can automatically mark everything, in whichever Categories you want, as 'read' so you won't get notifications...

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To be clear:
I found a solution, which I proposed to Byungwook
So my Opera/Chrome version notifies the Primary Inbox Category only.

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Hi, jeroen!

So what's the solution?

I'm a bit crazy because of the current situation - I have 2 email accounts and both of them receive lots of new emails in these "Promotion" categories every day.

Thanks, Andron.

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When you use Chrome:

In the Firefox Quantum version of X-notifier one cannot add scripts.

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Maybe this will be useful for others - it is possible to create a filter in the Gmail, so all emails in these tabs (Promo, Social) are marked as read automatically. So they'll be not counted as unread.

I know, this is not a perfect fix, but if there are others - please let me know.