Opera installation instructions outdated--please provide current ones

Opera 25.0

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Version informationVersion:25.0.1614.50 - Opera is up to dateUpdate stream:StableSystem:Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)Settings does not have the 

Advanced -> Security -> Trusted Websites

location specified because it is now different than displayed at





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For anyone else reading this thread...
Since Opera version 15... Opera has used the Chrome Blink engine...
...that means using the Chrome .crx file and Chrome install procedure for the newer Opera versions.
Opera version 12.x, and below, use the .oex file/installation procedure.

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The current x-notifier update for Chrome is 3.4.8 while the current update for Opera is 3.4.9. The developer must have forgotten to specify that the 3.4.9 is only for older versions of Opera.