Outlook And Hotmail Emails Not Opening With X-Notifier 4.2.2

Outlook and Hotmail emails aren't opening up inside of Firefox web browser using X-Notifier 4.2.2 in order to view the emails you got to use Chrome web browser.

I have Firefox 60.0.1 (64 bit) and XN 4.2.2 ...my hotmail account is the 'old' webmail, and my outlook account is the new 'beta' webmail.  I can pop-down the XN list of accounts and click either account, which opens in a new tab, then I can click new emails and they open in the same tab.
I also sent myself new emails to both accounts separately, going through the following process each time... got pop-up notification, which I clicked... and my new email accounts were opened in their own tabs... then I clicked the new email and it opened in the same tab.

That's about all I can say...
...except that while composing this answer, the forum webpage was timing out... so I lost the first one, had to retype (and copied the second one) and the second time I saved, it gave a warning to copy my text (duh) and reload the page... so I reloaded and pasted the text in the answer box and sent it a third time, which finally worked.  (Now I'm editing my answer to mention all this... maybe it won't timeout on me again, but I'm copying this edit anyway.)

As per my comment in http://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/dp/node/3704

Outlook/Hotmail are showing "not checked" but I can get to the individual email pages if I click on them. My guess is because Microsoft changed their login page (only cosmetically they say), the Outlook/Hotmail script needs to be tweaked. 

I'm using X_N 4.2.2 on Chrome and X_N Reloaded 3.5.26 on WF and both are having issues with Outlook/Hotmail.

One of my three Microsoft-based accounts finally now fails the new email check...
...one account is on old mail system (works)
...one account is on new mail system (with no toggle switch) (works)
...and one account is on new (beta) mail system and still has the toggle switch to go back to the old system... and it fails to check for new email.

Note... Microsoft pop-up on my 'new' mail system account (that still works):

"The new Outlook.com is ready for prime time.
We've updated our mail experience, thanks to your feedback. No more beta toggle. No more switching back and forth."
- And then you can click a right arrow to see the new features summary, such as...
Improved search
All your photos in one place
Express yourself (emojis and GIFs)
Get suggestions as you type
Getting better all the time ("Keep giving us feedback!")

Now... only my old mail system account is able to check for new email.

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RpD, like you my one hotmail account with the toggle switch on beta stopped working.

Just toggled out of beta to have it working again, both on XN 4.2.2 and on Reloaded.

Sent note to Tobwithu.
(I'm having trouble with eBay also.)

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RpD, I found and solved the cause.
Read the posts below.

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for several days! I already check and open manually and manually log it out and manually open it to make sure any thing "funny" pop up... all none... so I guess it need update new scripts in future!

jeroen do you want my test account?

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Can I switch back to Hotmail?

Hotmail will be phased out by, and Outlook.com will be the free email service from Microsoft. As part of this transition, we've removed the option to switch back to Hotmail.

That is why I (CFB) can NOT switch back to Hotmail. That cause 1 of 7 is X-notifier dimmed.

To respond below...
I was confused between Beta and Hotmail. I am glad you found and fix hotmail.js! THANK YOU!

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What is the relevance of this, CFB?
Phasing out of Hotmail happened years ago (2012).

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Found the cause: they changed the html that script was looking for to recognize it as beta.

Will inform tobwithu (X-notifier 4) and offer the solution for X-notifier 3 and Reloaded users.

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X-notifier vs 4 users will get tobwithu's update from the mozilla update channel.

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Hi all,

I've been reading this thread for 2 or 3 days now, since all my hotmail accounts are quite bugged.
i'm on [windows] firefox 60.0.1 (64x), with Xn 4.2.2.
First of all: thx Jeroen for the script which fixes the old/new(ex-beta) issue.
But one issue remains.
I've got 4 hotmail/outlook accounts.
- a@hotmail.com (new)
- b@hotmail.com (new)
- c@outlook.com (new)
- d@outlook.com (new)
And x-notifier checks only one of them four at a time (the last checked). The script doesn't alter this new bug :/ (which appeared simultaneously).
[sorry for my poooor english, i'm french :) :) - to read with the accent :)]
Is someone else getting the same issue?

Best Regards,

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Even with the new script, seems bugged again ?


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Ada, since you are using version 4 for Firefox Quantum it is virtually impossible that you got helped by my download of the hotmail script for vs 3 (for Firefox 59). With X-notifier vs 4 the user cannot add scripts. All scripts of vs 4 are included and maintained inside the X-notifier package by the (one and only) developer of X-notifier  because of the restrictions laid upon addon developers by Mozilla since Firefox 60 (Quantum).

RpD, can you explain further if needed?
I will be off until September coming Monday.


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And to be clear (and certainly not specifically directed to you, Ada):

X-notifier is not bugged, as aren't it's scripts.
(But apparently some users get bugged, a few of them in an un/outspoken way)

When the providers change the website source or the login method, the script has to be adapted to accommodate the new situation. It is the nature of the X-notifier app.

And that is what complaining users don't and probably a few of them never will understand.

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1) Anything Firefox/Safari/Chrome's program change in a newer version,
it will affect X-notifier plug-in (Add-ons).

2) Anything Hotmail/Yahoo/AOL/Gmail's website homepage change,
it will affect user scripts (i.e., hotmail.js, yahoo.js gmail.js, aol.js and [ETC].js).

Please do not blame on Tobwithu, jeroen, and others, who are trying to maintenance update X-notifier Add-ons and user scripts on 1) and 2).

We MUST thank two people and others on this earth to maintenance and make this possible!

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I too have Hotmail issues. LOL I wish MS would leave it alone personally.

First my main account was showing red and wouldn't check automatically while two other hotmail accounts were checking fine and showing if I had new mail. Now if I click my main hotmail account I'm taken to the login page where I select the email for that account. Then the password. It acts like it's loading then back to the password page saying my pw is incorrect. So I select the pw again and I can get in the account for a short while. It seems it's logging me out on the back end even though I'm still in the account. IE I'll select a bunch of mail to delete. Then click delete but I'll then come back to that account and all that mail is still there. Or if I'm there for more then I dunno 20-30 seconds I'll click an email and I'm met with the body of the email saying we can't do that right now or something of the sort as if it logged me out on the back end.

Very odd how so many issues happen with hotmail when things are changed. What's even stranger is the other 2 accounts are just fine and never log out if I'm in their inbox.

So I guess I'll just sit on the fence and await an update as mentioned above I'm pretty sure I'm on the newest FF along with 4.2.2 so the mention of a script won't fix anything for me. I just wish it were one of the other hotmail accounts that were acting funny and not my main that gets a ton of mail all day. LOL The relogging to check mail just to get logged out without knowing in the background while trying to manage the inbox is a PITA.

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Ok, my message was really not well written.
1- I really need x-notifier. Which means: it's the best tool i know to get my notifications and each time ffx and the mail providers modify things in their scripts, i hope you guys will find "miraculous" ways to keep Xn alive.
With yahoo's last changes, it has been close to be lost, but you did it (!).
With hotmail's beta too, but then again you did it. [or was it hotmail's beta first?]
And a fews years ago, i also remember having prefered keeping an old version of ffx rather than updating it to lose X-notifier.
So, yes, i appreciate, really appreciate, all the work you keep doing and which allows Xn to live further and longer!
Because firefox. And because X-notifier is really trustworthy.

2- Yes, i remember having quickly read (during the Yahoo's changes?) that the new x-notifier (working with the new ffx) couldn't allow scripts anymore (after yahoo then, since it was a script which resolved the issue with yahoo, if i remember?).
Perhaps since this last time, Mozilla could have somehow modified the restrictions..?

3- Please, forget about the "bugged" stuff. In my vocabulary, it simply means: doesn't-function-anymore.
But without any implication regarding the causes. I clearly 'know' (feel/believe) that the cause of the present issue comes from the changes hotmail/outlook is now introducing (and i even wondered if it couldn't be related to the GDPR, since one has to refresh several times to get access to the mails. It switches from login page to logged page, as if... logs were "lost" -- but not really lost. well... unclear)
This followed the order by which i got proposed to switch from old to beta version, though.

Sorry if you felt rudely asked to correct the bug, because it wasn't, at all, my intention.
My intention was to mention that the notifications still works fine (old version), but for one account at a time (outlook or hotmail, it doen't make a difference).
I don't know if many people are still having many hotmail && outlook accounts since both hotmail && outlook are quite obsolete (a bit less than yahoo, or wanadoo, but, well, still somehow obsolete compared to gmail). Anyway, i still work with all those old accounts. because... i'm old too :).

Short: Sorry for the bad feeling you encountered through my previous message (please don't feel bad, with this one too :/). I was trying to be rather concise, straight to the point (maybe too much).
Thank you (and i really mean it) for the work you're doing: i love x-notifier (and i don't like to live without it since i fear to miss mails........ Could be addicted, yep).

thx again

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Myself i tend to use the word "bugged." Because i am not knowledge on a program!
As you[ada] said, "because... i'm old too," me too, Smile.

Tobwithu and others already chew my a@@ for the word "bugged."

They like the word "broken!"

1) When Firefox/Safari/Chrome updated due to GDPR or other reason such as security?
That cause has broken X-notifier Add-on!

2) When Hotmail/AOL/Yahoo/Gmail updated due to GDPR or other reason such as security?
That cause has broken host scripts [host.js]!


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Bugged (bugué) will never have the same flavor in my mouth again.
Broken... Okay. I take it.

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Ada, sorry... I got inspired to address the assholes on this forum. I tried to stipulate it was not addressed at you. And not for myself, but for respect in general and specifically for the developer of this very smart addon. The scripts are only serving as input for the app, to follow the anticipated changes by the provider. That is smart design in itself. Some users are completely ignorant of the intelligence behind X-notifier. And you must know how I feel about such people... But I am just a bystander, trying to help, nothing more.

The developer deserves all praise!!

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I feel the same when people comes around my work, complaining, while not getting the amount of work-time-effort involved, just thinking i'm a genius able to deliver instant perfection (yeh.... yeh? Are you kidding me!?!).
And you're right: words really matter, especially when semi-implicit causal inferences are encompassed within them.
I'll try to retain my lesson.
Above all: thank you all (especially Byungwook Kang/tobwithu) for your great work. All in all, it sculpts my (our) everyday life's experience.
Thx and all the best :)

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Great reply! Thank you ;-)

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Fixed in X-notifier 4.2.3

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YES My main shows up properly again along with the other ones. No more getting logged out while trying to type an email or just check my email. LOL

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Many many many many many many thanks.

Thanks for fixing the issues with  X-Notifier well appreciated.

Hotmail hasn't been working with X-Notifier for a few days now. It shows up as red when you click on X-Notifier, so it isn't notifying new emails, and if you click on the account anyway it'll load and work as normal, although sometimes Microsoft asks you to log in again. Latest version of X-Notifier and Firefox.

If  you read the other posts above yours, you'll see it has been fixed...
...and you should download the X-Notifier update 4.2.3.

Except it's still not fixed, and I have auto updates on...

You might check the version number of your X-Notifier installation...
You might clear cache and cookies...
Or delete and recreate the accounts...
...because my three accounts, old hotmail, new outlook.com, and another account still in beta with the toggle switch are all working, checking properly for new email, with version 4.2.3.
Otherwise... I can't suggest much.

The auto update finally came out, and X-Notifier opened up a new tab saying it did. It is working now.