X-notifier forgets all my e-mailaccounts in options

X-notifier forgets all my e-mailaccounts in options, after restarting Firefox. I used to configure all my settings over again. Now I exported the settings to a 'xn' file and import them again after every restart of Firefox, but that's not a solution! Thats realy anoying. What do you folks suggests?

I really used to like the old versions of X-notifier, no problems at all.


I have no answer for you, but I just wanted to say it's not just you.
I just tried to upgrade to version 4 again and I had the same thing happen to me.
Every time I restart FF, I have to import my .xn file again.

I really wish Tobwithu would come in here and give us some sort of update... if he's working on it... if he's given up on it... or ???
Any way you want to look at it; v4.0.2 isn't working as it should be in many ways and needs much work before it's usable.

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Did you set to delete cookies when Firefox restarts?


Nope, I take care of cookies myself weekly... there's many I want to keep and only a few that I get rid of (using Ccleaner)

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Hi Jeroen,

Sorry for the late response, but your solution seems to work! Thank you!

Each time Ccleaner is used, it clean all your mail accounts in Xmail notifier.

In my case, Ccleaner was used before I instaled XN 4.0.2, and not since.
BUT I have found there's something going on in Firefox. Even though I don't have it set to clear anything on restart, I am having to log back into everything after every restart.... so it's a FF problem; not XN.

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Try Jeroen's solution. It worked for me.

My proplem was with FF.  After going to 'troubleshooting  > refresh Firefox...' and reinstalling my add-ons, then my  problem clear up.
Even though it was set to not delete anything, it was anyways.
After refreshing, everything works as it should now.