[FF] How to stop webmail page opening


X-notifier 3.3.7 and later

Topic refers to:
extensions.xnotifier.accounts.[HOST#YOUR_ID].link [and set it as blank.]

1) Type 'about:config' in the location bar.
2) Look for HOST account with 'enabled' [Right-click] Copy Name
3) [Right-click] New => String
4) [Right-click] => [Paste] and replace 'enabled' with 'link'
5) [Click] OK
6) Enter string value (set it as [blank] no input.)
7) [Click] OK
8) Restart Firefox and ENJOY your e-mail count,
while preventing the webmail page from opening on XN icon click.

IF you want to remove it or "Forget it" (undo):
1) [Right-click] Reset
2) Restart Firefox  (this will remove your 'about:config' line)

Request for a feature restriction for the XN icon click event:
To disable linking to the webmail page for a specific account,
while keeping the display of this account's e-mail count.