[FF] How to use debug LOG


  1. [Right-click] X-notifier icon
  2. [Shift+Click] Help.
  3. (again) [Right-click] X-notifier icon
    (You will see ‘Log’ menu, that mean is 'ON')
  4. [Click] Check Now (wait until X-notifier says ‘Not checked’)
  5. [Right-click] X-notifier icon
  6. [Click] Log (it will save log file)
  7. Send the log file name "xn-firefox.log" to xndevel@gmail.com.
  8. [Right-click] X-notifier icon
  9. [Shift+Click] Help.
  10. (again) [Right-click] X-notifier icon
    (You will see disappear ‘Log’ menu, that mean is 'OFF')

RpD explains 'Log' how to: (see below)

First,  right-click the X-Notifier envelope icon (a menu pops up)...

  1. In the popup menu, Shift+Click Help. This will show ‘Log’ menu.
    (You simply enable the logging function.)
  2. Click ‘Check now’ and wait until X-notifier says ‘Not checked’.
    (So you need to again right-click the X-Notifier envelope icon and click "Check Now".)
  3. Click ‘Log’ will save log file.
    (After it has completed checking, you should see 'not checked'
    ...then, again right-click X-Notifier envelope icon and finally, now click 'Log'.)
  4. Send the log file to xndevel@gmail.com.
    (Clicking 'Log' will prompt you to save the Log file,
    and now you can email that log file to the X-Notifier admin at the above address...
    if... the log's not empty.)