BUG Sidebar in SeaMonkey 2.17 and Macintosh

In Firefox 21, I choose XN (logo) Lower Right with Right Button and choose Sidebar,
It will bring (open) Sidebar. (Plug-in with RightBar)

In SeaMonkey 2.17, I choose XN (logo) Lower Right with Right Button and choose Sidebar,
It will not bring (open) Sidebar. (Plug-in without RightBar).

How to open?

Thanks for reading and I hope you fixed for next version 3.4?

(I tested SeaMonkey/X-N's menu for sidebar too, same results in Windows.)
In Windows version of SeaMonkey, you can show/hide Sidebar by pressing F9, also.


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Yes I do see F9 on Mac.

In old forum that I did report about Thunderbird do not have sidebar.
Tobwithu did remove the Sidebar from menu and
Options=>General=>Popup Menu=>(remove WMN sidebar). That was two years ago???

I think, I did bring it up about SeaMonkey???
For some reason, Tobwithu decide to leave there and do not 'click-able' on Sidebar.

If not click-able on sidebar, why put sidebar on list there?

I felt, I am déjà vu on this?
(Because we do not have access to old forum 2-3 years ago, Smile)

Thanks, CFBancroft


Yes, I think I remember seeing the fixed Thunderbird menu, but...  SeaMonkey -does- have a sidebar (unlike TB), and if it can be toggled with F9, I would think it's probably not hard to program a "IF SeaMonkey DO (toggle Sidebar)" routine to fix the feature for SM.

Guess we'll see, if/when admin views this post...

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Removed that menuitem