Differences between Firefox & Chrome version..!

Hello, i've been using Chrome for years witht the attached X-Notifier extension. However i came back to Firefox now.

The extension there is quite different, some things are better but some are lower : Let's say i have 5 gmail account.

On Chrome, i took the habit of just changing number in the end the https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/

Or simply clicking on my profile icon on top and then change/add account (youtube/gmail), very useful

To directly switch to the account i wanted to check. On Firefox there is no cross connection it seems?

Could you change that and make it same way as in Chrome? Really hope so! Let me know. Thanks~

PS: Had another account here before but impossible to find.. If you see it, let me know please!

No answer from tobwithu, strange...

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You can access multiple gmail account in X-notifier for Firefox too.
Add gmail accounts in Options.

You can access them with X-notifier menu, X-notifier window, X-notifier sidebar, and X-notifier toolbar.

"On Chrome, i took the habit of just changing number in the end the https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/

Or simply clicking on my profile icon on top and then change/add account (youtube/gmail), very useful

To directly switch to the account i wanted to check. On Firefox there is no cross connection it seems?"

I thought i was clear but apparently not... Let's say i have 3 gmail named la (default), li and lu.

If i change the 0 in /mail/u/0/ by 1, it should open li, 2 should open lu. That's it on Chrome.

However not in Firefox. Changing 0 from/mail/u/0/ by 1 or 2 still ends up on same account.

When on youtube, if i select "change account" i see none, while in chrome i see ALL of them!

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X-notifier for Firefox uses its own method for multiple login.
It was developed before gmail's multiple login is out.
X-notifier's method is more faster and has no limit to the number of multiple login accounts.

X-notifier for Chrome uses gmail's multiple login because Chrome does not have APIs for own multiple login.

Sorry but how's the Firefox one better? I prefer the way Chrome version's doing. Could you release the firefox extension modified so it uses gmail's multiple login?

They are two separate programming environments... you can't just cut/paste between them.  You have to work within the programming that is available.  He'd have to rewrite the entire browser, then it would just be a clone of chrome.

The Firefox method is 'better' (your word) because it's faster (Tobwithu's word). (edited comment.) 

 If he could make them the same, he would, because nobody wants to maintain multiple variations of software when one method would work.  So... he's limited by the Application Programming Interface (API) as to what he can do in the Application (browser)... and has to adapt to the programming environment (API) to provide the same features on different platforms (Mozilla vs Chrome).

"The Firefox method is 'better' (your word)" nope it's Chrome!

[Edit: I may have confused myself ;)... so I edited to the basics.]

I did -not- say that you said Firefox was better... I said you used the word... 'better' (your word). 
I was explaining how (Tobwithu's method) might be better... which is that Tobwithu said -his- method was FASTER... (over whatever other method).  

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Gmail's multiple login(used in XN-chrome).
- login accounts one by one
- up to 10 accounts

X-notifier's multiple login(used in XN-firefox).
- login accounts at once
- no limit to the number of accounts.

Gmail's mutlple login can be implemented in XN-firefox.
But it is inefficient and requires huge internal change.

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I remember that Tobwithu already said in 2-3 years ago and post in old forum (now gone).

Now I update user guide to explain between two browsers for future reference.


Thanks, CFBancroft


RpD i guess i should thank you for answering. However in the end it's still very confusing when you speak about all this. I just gave my point of view, which is in, in the way i use google/xnotifier, CHROME version is TOTALLY BETTER. That is just what i think, as a daily chrome user that just switched (back) to firefox.

I understand my complain won't make the app change. Was just feeling so bothered i had to report it. When i'm on my main account and want to switch gmail, ok i just select the wanted account in xnotifier. But that won't connect me to all other google service (like in Chrome). I must either disconnect main, either open a new windows (private mode or other browser).

PS: Honnestly are there many people that got more than 10 emails address..?

No problem. I may have confused myself ;), so I edited my posts.
Just trying to add to discussion without confusing it (too much).
(Sometimes a wrong post can lead to better understanding.)

I think CFB was suggesting having the best of both browsers by having Firefox X-Notifier window open for notifications, while using Chrome to work with web.

(I have more than 10 emails, but I don't really use them all... apparently some people do though, from what we've seen in these forums.)

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May I suggest?

You open Firefox and all account you needs, include gmail accounts.

and set it...

X-notifier Options=>General=>[X] Open X-notifier window on start up.and close the main browswer window (Firefox)

You adjust the X-notifer window on side of your monitor(s).

You open Chrome and use it,
and without x-notifier install on Chrome.
and you doing whatever you need on Chrome.

When you see X-notifier arrive new message
and you click and it will open in Firefox for new email message.

What do you think?

Thanks, CFBancroft


I think it's nice to answer me but i really don't understand your offer...

As said i switched back to firefox, meaning i stopped using chrome.

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I install ALL SIX Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Master is Firefox with X-notifier and export and import into other FIVE browsers.

I play and use for other purpose and whatever X-notifier notice me for new message and I will quit one of five browsers (Thunderbird is not browser, I know that...) and Open Firefox and continue to read my new email message.

You install X-notifier all you want, "free of charge",
it only donation to Tobwithu for his GOOD job on X-notifier program!
What do you think?

Thanks, CFBancroft.

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Firefox can OPEN ALL Gmail address one or one million email address at SAME TIME!
(Tobwithu do NOT care, if you have one or one million email address all it will WORKS!
on X-notifier that if your computer is VERY POWERFUL!)

While . . .

Chrome it only open one by one up to 10 email address. (CAN NOT OPEN ALL SAME TIME.)
(Accord to Tobwithu comment above that Gmail set limit to TEN!)

"CAN NOT OPEN ALL SAME TIME" sorry but this is wrong... I can open multiple gmail in chrome with xnotifier and do thing on all at same time.

I'm guesstimating that CFB was talking about Chrome not checking all accounts at the same time, instead of having to check one at a time sequentially.  Opening multiple tabs/accounts in Chrome is not the same as the email checking ability.  Whereas Firefox can send new email queries as fast as it can issue them, for all accounts... is my understanding.

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Thanks to RpD for clear up.

Please correct if any error that I post user guide recently...

IF mistake please post here for me to correct it. thanks.