Testing 3.3a

Using FF 21.0, with 3.3a ...and at the moment I'm having three items 'not checked'... and the checking animation (horizontal red/white ball), just keeps going like the Energizer bunny...and going and going... regardless of new mail or no mail (orange or gray icon).

With Thunderbird, all my mails are checked and the checking animation works fine... from what I can tell.
(I'm going to try exporting my mail account from thunderbird and importing to FF.)


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The animation will be shown if you have 'not checked' accounts.

Hmmm.... then the animation prevents showing new mail count (for other accounts), when there are 'not checked' accounts.


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Which webmail is it that is 'not working'?

I'm having trouble with three accounts, which I'm using POP3 and IMAP scripts to access.
Two accounts, Shortmail and Vmail can use both scripts for access, and iCloud only by IMAP. 

Neither POP nor IMAP is working for those accounts in Firefox, but they seem to be working fine in Thunderbird.
I don't really use these accounts, but have them for whatever reason I might need for extra accounts.

I guess I should try a new FF profile, and I should send some test emails to/from them in Thunderbird.
But while any account is 'down', the animation will be overriding other new mail counts... I guess ...so we can't see new mail counts for other accounts while even one is 'not checked'?
I'll go do the tests now, that I mentioned above.

update:  With Thunderbird 17.0.5, XN 3.3a can check for new emails (and retrieves count) on shortmail(POP3), vmail(POP3), and icloud (IMAP).  I can open a new tab to shortmail and vmail... but icloud refuses as TB is not compliant browser.  I'm pretty sure TB would check shortmail and vmail via IMAP also.

However, my Firefox 21.0 (even with new profile) with only addon being XN 3.2/3.3a installed, is not checking email for shortmail and vmail under POP3, and not checking icloud via IMAP. And... it seems XN will not open the Link settings for IMAP accounts that are 'not checked'.
It can open Link setting for IMAP accounts that -are- checked.
It can open Link setting for POP account regardless of being checked or not.

That is all I know of -my- setup for the moment.



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Link of not checked IMAP account works now.
But I'm not sure why it is 'not checked'.

I'll keep a watch on the problem... tinker with it.

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I forgot to say 'Please install 3.3a again'.
I fixed it.

I did redownload 3.3a after you mentioned fixing. (saw different filesize)
And yes, IMAP Link works even if 'not checked' ;)

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  • Don't have to save password
    Not test yet, because I did not use it.
  • Can make account specific bookmark
    Test successful, will I use it?
  • Icon change on checking
    Test successful and Thank You.
  • Change text color in alert window
    Test sucessful and Thank You.
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Can you please expand on this:

Can make account specific bookmark
Right click tab tiltle -> X-notifier -> Bookmark this page
This will create a bookmark in 'X-notifier' folder
For example, if you use two gmail accounts, you can create google calendar bookmark for each account.

When I right click on tab title, there is no option for XN.  No doubt I am doing something wrong.  I am using Cyberfox 20

If you go to XNotifier's Options, General Tab (Interface section),, is "Show tab menu" -checked- ??
It seems you must also have "Use multiple login" -checked-, as well.

With those 'checked', you should see a "X-notifier        >"   item in a right-click-on-tab menu... between 'Move to New Window' and 'Reload All Tabs'.   When you hover/click 'X-notifier     >', you should see a list of accounts with 'Bookmark this page' at the very top.

If you click 'Bookmark this page', it will create a bookmark, in a folder 'X-notifier' in your Firefox 'Bookmarks'.

(You can actually copy/move this bookmark elsewhere, like to your bookmarks toolbar, but....
Oddity: ...if you drag-n-drop it (move it), it will (of course) be removed from the X-notifier bookmarks folder to wherever you moved it... and ...trying to right-click-tab, X-notifier, 'Bookmark this page' again - will not recreate the bookmark in the X-notifier folder.... because it already exists where you moved it. At least, that's how mine seems to work.)

One reason to bookmark this way (I hope ;), besides custom locations like Gmail HTML page, is that... when logged in through an XN bookmark... when XN checks email, it won't disturb your existing tab.  (Or is that problem only in Chrome?) 

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Thanks RpD...got it working.  But.......MULTIPLE LOGIN being checked is the key and I have mine turned off since I only want one Gmail/Yahoo/MSN/WHATEVER window open at once.  With that checked, I can have a gazillion mail account pages open when I initially check at statup and click the envelope in my toolbar.

But I still can't comprehend the need for this??????


[Sigh... I hate it when I accidentally click something in a Thunderbird tab (while I'm composing in the tab), and it just opens a whole new page in the same tab!  (There no "Back" button!!! to go back to my 'compose'!) :(  Now, I'm retyping this.]

Anyway... First, you can 'check' the box for "Use multiple login' just long enough to create a bookmark... then 'uncheck' it afterward.

Second... I believe someone wanted to occasionally open a certain HTML version of some Gmail page, so admin suggested bookmarking it (instead of programming some HTML option into X-N)... and this new bookmarking feature makes it easier to crate an X-Notifier session bookmarked page.

Another example... this would be useful in the Chrome version, because (I have more than one Facebook profile that I have X-Notifier checking)... if I have a new tab manually/(normally) opened to a Facebook account, then when X-Notifier does a new email check across my FB accounts, it confuses the account/'focus' of the tab I already have open.   But... if I login to the account through the X-Notifier account list (session), then when X-N does a new email check across my multiple FB accounts, among others... it does -not- confuse the open tab (because it's already an X-N session).   I've been pulling down the X-Notifier account list to login to my FB account... if I could create a bookmark of the X-N session, then I wouldn't have to go through the X-N drop-down account list to login.  (I don't know if this quirk is present in the Mozilla version of X-N.)


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XN 3.2 can open email with First.Last @ gmail.com
XN 3.3a can not open email with First.Last @ gmail.com
Revert to XN 3.2 it works fine with 'period'

3.3a do check first[.]last email and it shown one new message, but can not open it.

I think have to do with period First[.]Last @ gmail.com

I recall you did fixed this before with Caps and now problem with period [.] ??

[Edit Added]
Accord to RpD ... he said it work fine on Thunderbird but not Firefox...(for other reason).
FYI that all THREE FF/SM/TB, do not work with Period [.], before I download 3.3a. I did test all [.] work fine and update 3.3a and no longer works.

Thanks for reading and tell me when you update, I will RE-download with 3.3a



[2nd Edit.   Wow]  (a little off-topic first, but) I remember there's a google trick for emails...where you can go to some website and enter a google email, but you can append:  +anything   ...to the username and your email will still get delivered... like my address below I could go to ford.com and sign up (if possible) and give them xavier.cujo+ford@ gmail.com for an address ...and it would work, anything ford sent to xavier.cujo+ford@ gmail.com would show up in the xavier.cujo@ gmail inbox....
...when I was creating the xavier.cujo@ gmail.com address, I tried other names first (like First.Last@ gmail.com) and it said they were already taken and...  that they ignored certain symbols like... periods. So... I went back to X-Notifier 3.3a and I created an account in X-Notifier for "xaviercujo@ gmail.com".   Well... it works!  It checks the email for xavier.cujo@ gmail.com and it will auto-login a new tab.  So... I guess it would seem that periods don't matter.  [?]

[Edited ...sigh]  I think I entered the address wrong in FF.  Now it's working in both TB and FF with XN 3.3a (latest).   The address I created was xavier.cujo@ gmail.com  ...notice there's no caps. 

I created a new gmail...   in the form of:  first.last@ gmail.com  (no caps)  ...and checking works fine in TB 17.0.5 with XN 3.3a (latest), but it doesn't work for me in FF 21.0 with same XN 3.3a (latest).  I can make this test account available to admin if he wants, otherwise deleting it in a day or two. [Edit: I'm just going to delete it now, since periods in addresses are invisible to gmail.]

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So in the case of Multiple Facebook accounts.  If you connect using the XN Bookmark, it will not interfere with the other account.  I can now see how it would be useful in that aspect and also by checking a Calendar for 2 different mail accounts

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Please let me access that test account.

Uhm, I already deleted original, but created another, so I'll send it on to xndevel@gmail.com

[Edit:  I did test it again, and caps/periods didn't matter to my installation/account defn. in XN 3.3a with FF 21 or TB 17.x.
... account info sent.]

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with period in gmail address

[Edit Added]

I doing test...

I find it out that
First.Last do not work, with two Caps.


first.last do works without two Caps.

I recall that you did fixed on Caps before, for some reason it come back?

[One More Edit Added]

I notice that other email with period and do have caps

C_ _ _ . R_ _ . E _  [without gmail.com in XN options accounts] it open fine.

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Tested both accounts from CFBancroft and RpD.Works fine with XN3.3a in FF21.

Caps does not matter.
But if you enable both First.Last and first.last, they will not work.
This is because they interefere each other for cookie handling.

Ok... I'm going to delete that test account now... unless you want to keep it and change the 'rescue' email address?

I'll just note again...   for example, your account is "First.Last@ gmail.com"... 
...you can define -that- account in X-Notifier as:      firstlast@ gmail.com     ...without caps or periods, and X-Notifier will still check the same account as if you had defined it as:  First.Last@ gmail.com    ...you do -not- have to use the caps or periods to check or login to the account.
At least, that is how it works for me.   And any mail sent to:  firstlast@ gmail.com   ...will end up in the inbox of:  First.Last@ gmail.com


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Firefox=>Preverences...=>Security[tab]=>Saved Passwords...[click]=>[pick]First.Last=>Remove[click]


XN Options=>Accounts[tab]=>[pick]First.Last=>Delete[click]

Restart Firefox to make sure.


Type First.Last@ Gmail.com=>[click] Add

It slove problem! That is ODD... what I am doing above without any those steps.
When I revert to 3.2 it works fine and update to 3.3a do NOT works,
BUT when I doing above and it solved.

It must be "glitch" some where... anyway, many Thanks! for RpD and Tobwithu.

Good for you. 
Sometimes it helps to have confirmations of things working so we can try other things when our account(s) doesn't(don't) work.
I've done similar things (deleting, restarting, re-adding... including exporting accounts, removing the add-on, reinstalling... and sometimes rebuilding accounts from scratch) to fix some things... I  have three accounts in FF now that need a beating ;-/ ...maybe they'll work again someday.

When email server is offline the check activity icon is continue and not stop.

I not see menu in tab i have also "tab utilities" addon installed.

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Which webmail is offline?
I want to test it.

it happened to me that did not work well the dns and email server was not resolved.

So try putting to gmail.com and try.

with imap accounts

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Fixed it in 3.3a2

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[Edit: Beta version is DONE]

Please download latest version for Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey


I hope that you enjoy new version.

3.3a2 fixes endless checking animation on 'not checked' accounts.

I am testing now this 3.3a version, and it won't check my wife's facebook account. My account is default one, and her is the second, and no matter what, we always get the message " Facebook Wife:  not checked " . Is there any way to fix this? 

By the way, I can't figure still, is xnotifier checking the direct messages from Facebook, or notifications? 

p.s.  Checked on firefox 20.0.1 version ;) Tested now also using 3.3.a2 version and still the same situation :(

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Enable your wife's facebook account only and test it.

I've restarted firefox and now both of the accounts are checked. :D Thanks tobwithu.

Another problem if I may say, even after restarting:

I've added 40 rss feeds into 3.3.a2 version ( all my rss's I am checking ), and three of them are constantly informing me that I have unreaded texts, no matter I've checked "Reset counter when opening messages".  :(

One more thing, is it maybe possible to create option in xnotifier to add the entire list of RSS's ( opml or xml file list ) ?

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Please send me(xndevel@gmail.com) rss source of the problematic rss feed.
I need two copies - before and after the notification.
I can find with them which part should be ignored.

OPML import could be possible.
But I don't have a good idea about the suitable UI.

I can send you the links of rss, but I don't understand what's the source. Can you tell me how to know where is the source? Is maybe source of some rss, when we open in live firefox  that rss, and then we click on Tools->Web Developer->Page source ( CTRL+U) ?

The second, I meant opml or xml import into xnotifier ( because I've typed more than 20 minutes all my rss feeds manually :D ) , not export.

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Send me the rss url.

Thanks in advance Tobwithu, I 've sent you email from my gmail ( subject is: Vlada T from xnotifier forum ) :D