Problems with AOL login through xNotifier but not direct on web

I am having problems with XNotifier accessing AOL to check on new mail.  I am not having trouble accessing my account when I go directly to AOL via Firefox or via my Android phone.  When setting up the account in XNotifier it asks for a field that doesn't show up on the AOL signin page - It asks for a Locale field.  Is this why it doesn't work?  What do I put into the Locale field?

In general XNotifier does everything I need and works well.  I certainly appreciate the add on!

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If you use English site, leave it as blank.

Else you can set 'fr', 'en-bg' according to your preferred language.

I guess the locale field isn't what is keeping XNotifier from accessing my AOL email account.  Any other reason you can come up with why it won't check the AOL account?

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Data has been sent.  Thanks!

I don't know why this happens, but if I put in a shortcut name then it works just fine.  It doesn't work if you don't have a shortcut name.  Go figure!  Thanks for your help.  I'm using the last plug in you sent me.  With the short name, it's fine.

What is a "shortcut name" and how do I enter it?

These posts are way old and may not be relevant to the latest problems at all.
I have no idea what the shortcut name is, unless he means entering something in for the Alias in X-N's Options, Aol account, Alias.   I'm just guessing and I don't see why that would help.
If we see more people with the problem, the developer will likely provide an update to fix it.