Default port for imap

If port in imap server  is not specified, XN use not-secure connection or secure to 143 TLS or 993 SSL.

XN support TLS StartSS?

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But the faq not specify that use a secure connection also if the port 993 is usual.

IMAP Port 143 is not known as a secure connection (doesn't use SSL/TLS)... if I read right, it perhaps can use STARTTLS, but that is being obsoleted, it seems (see link below).
IMAP Port 993 is used for secure connections only... I would guess that a server accepting connections on port 993 is going to force security to be used. It probably will -not- connect if you don't have SSL/TLS when you use port 993.
But I'm just guessing, from reading the link below...

Here's some interesting info from the Fastmail site...