[FF] How to modify spam without Alert notify


X-notifier 3.3.3 and later

Before go further, let you look at
X-notifier => Options => Accounts => [pick one of your host/account]
you will see either
[  ] Include spam (that is equal to 0 : do not include)
[X] Include spam (that is equal to 2 : include to notification)

If you pick either Include spam Alert notify or not,
you do not need to type 'about:config'

Unless you want include spam without Alert notify?
(if, yes please look below how to do it.)

1) Type 'about:config' in the location bar.
2) [Search typing] include
3) Look for extensions.xnotifier.accounts.[HOST#USERNAME].includeSpam : 0 or 2
4) [Double-click] value
5) [Typing] 1
6) [Click] OK
7) Restart Firefox ... "to be safe".

You will see X-notifier => Options => Accounts =>
[pick the same host/account] and see [X] Include spam, but actually marked as 1 in background.

If you accident click on [(unmark)] Include spam,
you need go back to about:config to edit again.

All Done!

How to decide spam folder notification

  • 0 : do not include
  • 1 : include to folder view only (does not calculate the grand total.)
  • 2 : include to notification (does calculate the grand total.)


So you will ENJOY include spam without Alert notify!