Disable GMail Categries

I just noticed that XN updated to 3.3.3 and I HATE the frickin Categories GMAIL implemented.  I have mine ALL HIDDEN but they still show up in Notifer. 


Anyone know how to disable Categories in GMail?  I looked in my settings and can not find it.  :(

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There is no option for it in 3.3.3.
I added an option in this version.

extensions.xnotifier.accounts.[gmail#USERNAME].enableCategory : 0

  • 0 : disable
  • 1 : show in folder view only
  • 2 : get count from all enabled categories(tabs)


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@tobwithu - I have installed the Beta version and now the Categories are no longer visible, but.....I do not see the key in about:config

Also...can you sinplify the option with a menu system?  I have 13 GMAIL accounts I actively monitor on my system, not including what I have disabled and I enable by just checking the box.  So editing the config manually would be dangerous if there is a typo


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I see only one typo error, if you did not type spelling right "Category"

other wise just copy, paste, and input 0, 1, 2

I already include how to "forget it" (that if you type error on Category) and edit value.

Anyway Enjoy your new feature Category on Gmail.

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Hi, CFBancroft

I can spot a minor typo in your User Guide entry:

2) 'enabled'    (is more accurate)
4) [Paste command and replace 'd' with] Category

Cheers, Jeroen

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for corrections, I fixed!


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This is not too clear: 

4) [Paste command and replace 'd' with] Category


4) [Right-click] =>[Paste] and replace 'enabled' with 'enableCategory'

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I fixed done to make it clear!
Thank YOU!,


Ok... there's so many options, it's ridiculous...

From what I've read, one can go to Gmail Options (gear icon), Settings, Inbox 'tab'... and change "Inbox type:" to anything except "Default"... and that should change how you see Inbox back to something resembling the way it used to be... although the 'categories' are still available in the left panel, if you scroll it down.

I happened to move cursor over the 'Inbox' in the left panel... and a 'down arrow' shows up, which, when clicked, allows you to select the 'Inbox type' (without going to Settings, Inbox 'tab').   

The following seem to hide category tabs... and the mail in them! ...it seems.

InSettings (click Gear icon), there is also a "Configure Inbox" selection where you can check/uncheck the tabs to show.  
(I hadn't seen the tabs at all until I went into 'Configure Inbox' and then it said 'Welcome to Categories' or some such.  Ooops. Darn!)

To the right of the category tabs (when showing in Inbox), there is a "+" sign which you can click to choose which tabs to show.

Also, if you scroll the left panel down to Categories... if you move the mouse cursor over that item "Categories", another 'down arrow' shows up to the left of that item, which, when clicked, allows you to move (show/hide) categories into the 'Labels' section...  you can show/hide either individual categories or all of them (with 'Categories' show/hide) in the 'Manage labels' item (Settings, 'Labels' tab).
What a mess.

 What's odd is that I got a new mail... from Google titled 'Welcome to Categories' and Google stuck it in the 'Updates' category... and I read it ...and now it won't show up in the Unread section... even if I tell it to mark it 'unread' again.


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RpD....I did some reading and no matter what you do, mail will always be categoriezed and HIDING does not do SQUAT!!!

It is very annoying.  Not only do I have my specific labels, but I have to put up with the GMAIL CATEGORY CRAP....and that is what it is PURE CRAP!.  There are nothing but complains on people not wanting the system and no way to disable it.  ARGH!!!


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Also did some reading and found this workaround:

Wendy Durham, providing a way (a filter) to prevent Gmail from categorizing your emails:

Picture (you must be logged in to google):

Brett Carver, summing up all solutions:


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Thanks jeroen....I wll try that filter setup and see what happens

I did read before but I didn't hink it would help but it won't hurt.

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I created this filter in one of my accounts and it seemed to work.  I then exported that filter and imported into my wifes account.  It applied the filter to her current mail and ALL the category labels were removed from her mail.  EXCELLENT!!!  This is like removing Categories but only seeing the label.