nOutlook in Edge

Under Edge browser Outlook account appears as "null".

At anybody else?

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That has been dealt with in version 2.3.5 for Chrome and Firefox, where admin also made a big design change in the extension. So I guess it might have a lower priority because Edge has less X-notifier Neo users.

I don't know the admin priorities, but I think more people are shifting to Edge and use X-notifier.

X-notifier will not check Outlook mail on Edge, Chrome, or Firefox for several weeks.

As of 8/12/23 can access Hotmail on Edge but no mail count. I have had to add just for Hotmail which works perfectly. I am on X-Notifier version 4.2.23.

As of 12/3/23 opens Hotmail but does not display mailcount? Still need to use