GmailX Script serving X-notifier 4.x for Chrome

I can offer my solution for Gmail Primary Inbox Only notification, but choose to do so by adding a separate (renamed) Gmail script. Because I don't want to cause a conflict with the XN package included Gmail script... for certain XN users.

This script is named GmailX. After download:

  1. Open the Scripts interface in XN Options by clicking the Scripts button and Add the GmailX script.
  2. Uncheck the checkboxes of all your Gmail accounts presently in your X-notifier list (the 2 scripts cannot function simultaneously)
  3. Add your first XN GmailX account:
    - Select your default XN (main) Gmail account
    - Select the GmailX script from the Scripts dropdown and Add the XN GmailX account. It will show at the bottom of the XN account list. (You can move it up in order to keep things tidy)
  4. Click the Save button
  5. You can add your other Gmail accounts the same way.

You can download it here:  GmailX Script
(Left click the link aboveignore (x) the offer to register for Dropbox and use the download button)

Once tobwithu offers his Gmail solution, you can easily readdress it (by rearranging the checkboxes in the accounts list) and delete the GmailX script. (This will delete all GmailX configured XN accounts)

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For some people the inbox page source code has changed, making the Gmail script fail.
Chrome (and Edge) users can download my solution from this thread's top post.
(It works for both old and new inbox page)

Tobwithu should resign and put you in charge in his place. You are the one keeping X-Notifier alive for years now. He is doing nothing. Sad, but true.

Or better yet, you could create a new addon, probably better than this one, so we could all teach him a lesson.

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He might welcome that suggestion, but he and I know that wouldn't work.

You and a lot of users take things for granted because you haven't a clue what it takes to develop X-notifier. It is complex beyond your grasp. Yes, I solved a number of failing scripts, but that were mostly easy fixes. The difficult fixes mostly belong to the login process. And the extension itself is huge and requires a lot of technical knowledge and insight. The provider scripts are small parts that fill in the variables and functions that are provider specific. They can offer a challenge, but even these challenges have proved to be to difficult for several people who claim to be able to do what you suggest.

Ok, those may have been easy fixes, but if wasn't for you doing them we would not be using X-Notifier now.

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The developer updated the internal Gmail and Hotmail scripts with my fixes and released X-notifier 4.2.23. So either uncheck or delete the X script versions after you reveived the update. 

Ok, thanks.