Can't open mailboxes from the top menú in Chrome


I don't know if it's because of last update or Chrome but I can't open my emails from the X-notifier Neo menu. It still warns me of new emails and the popup message will show (and will open the email if I click on that one) but when I click on the mailbox name from the top X-notifier Neo menu, it will do nothing. I am using last versions of Chrome and X-notifier Neo under Ubuntu 22.04.

Thanks for your work with the extension and hope this helps

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I had the same issue. I reverted to the previous version of the script (2.3.6) and set  the file to read only so it could not be overwritten with the broken 3.0 version. This is a short term fix until a new release is made.

Thanks for the answer and the tip. You mean just changing to ro /home/user/.config/google-chrome/Default/Extensions/x-notifier_folder/manifest.json?

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1) I actually uninstalled 3.0 and installed 2.3.6 from here.

2) Then go to chrome://version and get the profile path

3) go to that directory and go to the extensions folder and find the x-notifier nero (latest directory by date)

4) Set the directory and all files to read and execute only so it could not be updated via Chrome auto update.

Note, there is a 3.0.1 version just released, but it has the same issue for me so I went back o 2.3.6 again.

Just changing manifest.json to ro didn't work and it updated to 3.0.1 today by itself. I'll install 2.3.6 again and change ro permissions to all files as you suggested. 

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This happened in Linux only. Fixed in 3.0.2.
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>This happened in Linux only. 

I am seeing the issue on Windows 11

> Fixed in 3.0.2.

Thank You.  I can confirm this is fixed in 3.0.2 on Windows 11. 

Same here. Fixed in 3.0.2