Signing out of Google

Apparently starting today - every time XNotifier tries to check my Gmail, it auto-signs me out of Google (and I have to log back in to Google Mail and Google Calendar).

I'm using Firefox 112.0.2

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Same for me starting yesterday but on Chrome. Looks like they changed something in the Gmail login. I already cleaned cache and cookies and didn't fix it. 

Also, I'm logged in on Google and as soon as I refresh the Google page it logs me out.

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Alvega, everybody using X-notifier has to login manually to Google as the X-notifier script is already failing to login to Google for a very long time (years). The Gmail script is still working because it detects you are already logged in and then skips it's failing login process. When the Google login cookies expire or when you, your browser setting or some cleaning program removes the Google cookies, you get logged out by Google.

So when you login manually and get logged out of Google when refreshing the Google inbox or other page that has nothing to do with X-notifier.

Apparently, -XNotifier will no longer work with Gmail - which is a huge loss.


I'd love to use Neo, but there's no way to clear the icon when you visit/open the mailbox. I just want to be notified that I have new mail; not reminded that I've purposely left some mail unread :)

Strangely, it is checking up fine 4 of my other Gmail accounts, but doesn't work for the main account. I have 5 and only have the problem with one.

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That's not strange at all. Assuming Google is updating their webserver software, they are not updating it for all the machines (locations) at once. So it depends which webserver is serving your specific google account. In fact, when you read the X-notifier script, you can see the developer is recognizing and handling different versions.

So you think I should just wait and it will get fixed by itself soon?


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I am not sure: it might still be a glitch in your setup. It is not like you are one (two) of many reporting this issue.

I can think of this to check whether it's just a glitch:
Switch to a new profile in your Chrome browser (or install another Chrome browser like Opera) in order to install only the X-notifier addon in a fresh setup and test whether it will work there.

Before you do that you could just test whether the fact it is your main Google account in X-notifier somehow is causing the problem. In the XN Options you can select another of your Google accounts as the Default in your XN list of XN Google accounts. (Click Save)

Hi Jeroen, thanks for your reply. I selected another account to be the main account but then it wouldn't check both accounts. I reverted it and now it just doesn't check the main account as before. By the way, I'm not using your GmailX script, should I still be using it?


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No, that GmailX script is out of date.

Try my other suggestion. X-notifier might have a conflict with one of the other addons you installed in your browser.

When that's to complicated, you might decide to remove X-notifier, restart browser and re-install it. Before you do that, export your XN-settings in order to import them after re-install.

Hi, I installed Opera but can't find X-Notifier in the Opera addons site.

Edit: I installed it from the Chrome store instead of the Opera addons site, but it doesn't check any of the emails. And when it tries to check it logs me out of Google. If I don't try to check I can close the browser and open it again and I'm still logged in in Google, if I try to check the email it doesn't check and when I close and open the browser I'm logged out. Looks like I'm done with X-Notifier. 

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I used the Opera addon Install Chrome Extensions, but that disappeared.
Just install it from the Chrome Webstore, ignoring the warning (Add to Chrome).

That's what I did, guess you didn't see my edited post.

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I can check the html source of your inbox page for a change that causes the gmail script to fail for your account. I assume you know how to create a new text file...

1. Go to your inbox page and show the html source by Ctrl+U
2. Select All by Ctrl+A
3. Copy by Ctrl+C
4. Paste it in the textfile by Ctrl+V
5. Save the textfile by Ctrl+S
6. Send the textfile as attachment to




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The XN gmail script is looking for a javascript variable in the inbox page html that is not found in your inbox page html.
var GM_ACTION_TOKEN="null";       (that is mine)
var GM_ACTION_TOKEN = 'null';   (that is yours)
As you can see your = is surrounded by space characters and your null by single quotes.

Here is the XN gmail javascript code that looks for the variable in function isLoggedIn:
var fnd2=aData.match(/GM_ACTION_TOKEN="(\S+?)"/);
I changed it to:
var fnd2=aData.match(/GM_ACTION_TOKEN\s?=\s?['"](\S+?)['"]/);
which works for both inbox pages ;-)

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@Alvega and/or @lemur21:
Can you check whether it works for you?

GmailX Script serving X-notifier 4.x for Chrome

You did it again! Thanks!

Changed all my Gmail accounts to that new GmailX script and now all my accounts are checked. 

I wonder why the default Gmail script did check 4 of my accounts ok and only didn't check the main one though. Why is this account different?

And also why don't you need this and we do?

Well done, thanks.

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Aha, you are in Brazil!

Well, I tried to explain it to you before (Webserver versions).
Your main account is served by another server (software) on another server machine at probably a different location (a Colocation Data Center). The update will probably spread to other servers in the future. But that could as well take a very long time. 

Hi - thanks so much for this :)

I'm definitely missing something though -- b/c I'm on Firefox; and -- as such -- I don't have a "scripts" button to install this, am I correct?

Can I /do I need to simply update the extension through the Firefox store?








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Yes, on Firefox the available scripts are included in the X-notifier addon installation. Firefox won't allow you to replace any file of the signed package in the 'hidden' installation location on your computer. We'll have to wait until the developer decides to update the extension with the updated scripts that form only a tiny part of his X-notifier client application.

Yep, my Firefox is not checking any Gmail and Hotmail accounts also, but I mainly use Chrome.

@lemur21 I would change to Chrome if I were you. You would have Chromecast support and X-Notifier works. If you are going to wait for the dev to update it for Firefox, I guess you can wait forever.


I used Chrome for YEARS .... and swtched to FF last year (for the reason that the bookmarks manager is inifitely better than the Chrome one). Nothing is perfect :(

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Gmail and Hotmail are working again for those who prefer Firefox.