V4.2.21 not checking hotmail on Firefox 112.0b6

I've had this issue with X-notifier on Firefox where it doesn't check my hotmail correctly, but I'm able to log onto my mail through the XN button-menu. It scans every 10 minutes but stays red. I've been having this issue for about a month.

Anyone have any news from the developer on if or when this might be fixed?

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It's more than a month later and there's been no improvement - does anyone have a solution for Firefox? Or a suggestion of how to go about trying to fix it myself?

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I just got a new-tab notice to me saying X-notifier has been updated for firefox. Version 4.2.23 seems to fix the issues I've had and it now appear to scan correctly.

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Got the new version of X-Notifier, but it now doesn't work for Hotmail in Firefox. Stays red all the time. Updated firefox must be the cause. Hope someone can find a fix, I do love this lil app.