HotmailX Script serving X-notifier 4.x for Chrome

I can offer my solution for Hotmail notification, but choose to do so by adding a separate (renamed) Hotmail script. Because I don't want to cause a conflict with the XN package included Hotmail script...

This solution is not applicable for Firefox that does not offer script upload: all scripts are included in the X-notifier extension for Firefox. Those users will have to wait for the X-notifier update from the single man developer of X-notifier: ToBwithU. (The same goes for X-notifier Neo)

This script is named HotmailX. After download:

  1. Add the HotmailX script at X-notifier Options by clicking the Scripts button
  2. Uncheck the checkbox of all your Hotmail accounts presently in your X-notifier list (the 2 scripts cannot function simultaneously)
  3. Select your default Hotmail account - Select the HotmailX script from the Scripts dropdown and Add the HotmailX account to your X-notifier accounts list. It will show at the bottom of the XN accounts list. You can move it up in order to keep things tidy.
  4. Click the Save button
  5. You can add your other Hotmail accounts the same way.

You can download it here:  HotmailX Script
(Left click the link above and use the download button)

Once tobwithu offers his Hotmail solution, you can easily readdress it (by rearranging the checkboxes in the accounts list) and delete the HotmailX script. (This will delete all HotmailX configured XN accounts)

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You're welcome!

Thanks a lot, it works fantastic!

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The simple fix got accepted by the developer.

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Is anyone gonna fix this?

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Thank you for your stuff. Unfortunately, I'm a Firefox user.
Does someone personally know the main developer? Is this guy still alive?
Or is there an alternative to X-notifier?

I don't understand why Firefox would not allow the developer to allow users to use their own scripts with X-Notifier.  I can use my own scripts with other add-ons such as Violentmonkey.

Does saying the developer accepted it mean it will be added to the Firefox version sometime soon?


Unfortunately, it didn't work on Edge :(

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Just added the script to X-notifier on Edge and works for me.
I have to click the HotmailX account in the X-notifier-icon dropdown in order to get logged in. Perhaps you have to sign in manually the first time and check the box for staying logged in... ? After this, Shift-Click the account to make it check for mail. When you don't get logged, in clear your cookies and try again.

Thanks jeroen, it's working on Cent 5 with 1 email. It fails when 2 emails ( + Regards.

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I have no clue what Cent 5 is, but it might help to clear cookies.

Cent is Chrome type browser. Yeah I tryed cookies, log-in both emails, log-out both etc, it must be any issue with login in script, may be original x-notifier code is different because it did allow both emails check and open. Anyway thanks you!

I just tried this, it only worked for 1 account but not multiple. Even logged into all accounts in hotmail would only keep 1.

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Great work!! perfect with Opera! Thanks :)

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Gmail and Hotmail are working again for those who prefer Firefox.

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The developer updated the internal Hotmail and Gmail scripts with my fixes and released X-notifier 4.2.23. So either uncheck or delete the X script versions after you reveived the update. 

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I have tried the new version on Firefox but Hotmail is still not working with more than 1 account. If I go to "Options", select only one account and save, then it works well, but I need to check 2 accounts.

Thanks a lot for your work anyway!

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Did it ever work for 2 accounts? (and when did it?)

It used to work with 2 Hotmail accounts at the same time, but that was a LONG time ago.  For a while it only worked with one account and then stopped working all together.  Now it is working with only one Hotmail account again which is WAY better than zero accounts, but it would be nice if it could work with more than one again.


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The HotmailX fix stopped working today. Also updated Hotmail script is not working. Thanks.

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I concur.   Looks like Microsoft broke it again.   Both the recent hotmail fix from the site and this hotmailx script are failing again.

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Login procedure has changed.

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Thanks for the update. Hope you have good luck with finding a fix.

It was nice while it lasted, hopefully a fix can be found.  Thanks for your efforts!


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xnotifier neo works with a single hotmail account.  I've been using that along with the old xnotifier but hope someone can write a new script or this will get fixed in an update.   Microsoft will likely just break it again.