Spam Counter

Some accounts I can check it off and others I can't anyone know why?

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Different answers are possible. Do you mean accounts from the same or different provider.

The simple answer is either the specific script developer did not intent to implement the spam count for the specific provider or he was not able to do so, because he couldn't find the way how to.

X-notifier can loose a functionality like the spam count for a specific provider because the provider updated the way it provides this count in a way that the specific script developer fails to emulate.

definite food for thought however they are all gmail account some I can check it off and some I can not. Maybe there is a limitation within the gmail.

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Gmail (Google) servers (servicing accounts) are numerous. It depends on your location and when you startet your account which server on the planet services your account. For the servers that are updated to the new version X-notifier will not show the option for the spam count. The X-notifier Gmail script detects whether your Gmail server delivers the latest interface or the old version where the spam count still gets extracted by X-notifier. So it is merely a matter of time until all your X-notifier Gmail accounts will stop to show the spam count (when all Gmail servers on the planet are updated to the new version).

wow you know your stuff. Thanks. It certainly isnot the worst thing but was curious. Thank you!