Chrome XN v. 4.2.21 - suddenly all of my emails disappeared, and ...

When I tried to load from a saved backup, they loaded, then disappeared again. The top of the options said "Nafe" as a script, but I don't use scripts. I had to uninstall, reinstall, and add them all in by hand, as it would not take my import. Then, I had to go to Gmail and add each one individually, as if I were in NEO, because it would not open them. Once I logged in through Gmail and refreshed, it found them.

May I also ask, is XN working with Firefox now, or just Neo? I find Neo too time consuming to use, as I have to add in all my emails every day. 

ETA: 1:21 PM ET - Now it won't sign me in to any gmail accounts. I have to sign in individually myself. It says I have one (1) email in each account, so it must be checking them, but when I click on them, it takes me to the main account, and I have to go in and add all accounts back on before it will let me into them. 

Is there a previous version I can go back to in order for this to work on Chrome? It doesn't work on FF at all, so I have to keep Chrome open at all times. Not complaining, just saying, one of them has to work property. 



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Now it works only for my main Gmail. All others stay red, but when I click on them, they all take me back to my main Gmail. Hotmail loads when clicked on, but stays red.


Still having the problem with it saying there is (1) email in each account sometimes, when there is nothing in the other accounts, and clicking on them just takes me back to the main Gmail account.