Chrome XN v. 4.2.21 - suddenly all of my emails disappeared, and ...

When I tried to load from a saved backup, they loaded, then disappeared again. The top of the options said "Nafe" as a script, but I don't use scripts. I had to uninstall, reinstall, and add them all in by hand, as it would not take my import. Then, I had to go to Gmail and add each one individually, as if I were in NEO, because it would not open them. Once I logged in through Gmail and refreshed, it found them.

May I also ask, is XN working with Firefox now, or just Neo? I find Neo too time consuming to use, as I have to add in all my emails every day. 

ETA: 1:21 PM ET - Now it won't sign me in to any gmail accounts. I have to sign in individually myself. It says I have one (1) email in each account, so it must be checking them, but when I click on them, it takes me to the main account, and I have to go in and add all accounts back on before it will let me into them. 

Is there a previous version I can go back to in order for this to work on Chrome? It doesn't work on FF at all, so I have to keep Chrome open at all times. Not complaining, just saying, one of them has to work property.