GMAIL OK. and RED. Been that way for about a month.

v. 4.2.21  please fix.

X-notifier needs fixed badly and this has been month 

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I'm starting to think it's sadly over for X-notifier...

X-Notifier is over it's not working for my Hotmail or Outlook accounts 

The only one that works for me now is Gmail.  I had four AOL mail accounts and they stopped working months ago as far as the notification count for each one is concerned; I could still log in via the X-notifier extension.  Since this appears to be a dead end now, I logged out of using for the AOLs and only use it for my Gmail.  Sad.

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There are already several topics about this, which or you opened yourself or you responded every time the same. 
You act like a parrot with bad humor....
I copied the text below from another topic in which i responded to you.

It is working, at least try it instead of repeating the same replies over and over.

I agree that it is not working as intended, but with some patience all icons will show up.   I have tested this with 3 different browsers, firefox, chrome and brave.

Just start by clicking on a red icon, sometimes it logs in, sometimes it brings you to the microsoft login page(in that case just close it and repeat).
Once logged in, wait for the icon to appear, sometimes it  happens with the 1st autocheck, sometimes a little later.
When the icon appears, repeat and you will see all icons will appear.

I do this every single day since it started, and it never failed.

I think this is still more easy then login manually, but ok that is my opinion.

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And we get zero answers from the developer who seems to no longer concerned with this forum.

I asked in my thread for a straight answer about the status of the developer and the question was deleted. 

It's pretty simple. If development has finally stopped then tell us. We are being ignored and deserve an official answer as to what is going on.

You make a valiant effort to preserve the service.  Unfortunately the developer doesn't.  Your suggestions do not work for me.  The product doesn't work and the developer does not respond.  Done with xnotifier.  It was nice while it lasted.

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Guys, you're complaining about a FREE service. Tobewithu has been more than gracious in his attempts to fix things and answer our questions over the years.  Sadly, most browsers have changed now to concentrate on security, as has Google, Yahoo and other email providers. They don't want bots signing into your account, and you should be happy about that. The more secure the internet gets the less apps like this will work. It's just a natural progression. I've lost a lot of add-ons since Firefox changed so drastically, and now I've lost this one.  

The good news is, the major browser developers are getting together and trying to find a way to standardize add-ons so they'll all worth with everything. This could take years, and we'll just have to suffer in the meantime.