Hotmail and Outlook login is not working it may be on Microsoft Side ?

X-notifier is not working on Hotmail or Outlook emails I have 3 accounts I believe this is a Microsoft error on their side?

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There is already a topic about this, in which you responded yourself as well...

I agree that it is not working as intended, but with some patience all icons will show up.   I have tested this with 3 different browsers, firefox, chrome and brave.

Just start by clicking on a red icon, sometimes it logs in, sometimes it brings you to the microsoft login page(in that case just close it and repeat).
Once logged in, wait for the icon to appear, sometimes it  happens with the 1st autocheck, sometimes a little later.
When the icon appears, repeat and you will see all icons will appear.

I do this every single day since it started, and it never failed.

I think this is still more easy then login manually, but ok that is my opinion.

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It's a problem from X-Notifier that requires an update. Something changed on Microsoft's side in the login process. X-Notifier Neo works with Outlook/Hotmail, but it only supports 1 account.