Stopped Working On FireFox For Yahoo!

Hello to all.


The last 2x days the Extension (Version 4.2.21) has stopped to working for Yahoo properly!
It seems Yahoo something changed again and the extention not works full.

I have 7x diferent Yahoo mails and some times the extention works only for 3x SPECIFIC ones.

Some other time for only 2x specific ones again and some times for none!


Always i use latest FireFox version and even with the today new 91.0 version same issue!

Previously the extention worked like a charm and for long time!

Can anyone please to check what they changed and to fix this current issue?


Thanks for your attention and for your efforts so much!


Best Regards

Yes it stopped working for Outlook and Hotmail emails 

hotmail stopped working. sometime yahoo works sometimes not.


Anyone knows developer? will be fixed? will he stop support?



Since yesterday it seems again all ok, smooth and FULL working as usual.

Let's we see how will goes...



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as of 8/11/2021 yahoo mail on firefox 91.0 64 bit has stopped working. Please fix asap.


         thanks for a great app

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The recaptcha page during login is new and not handled by the XN script.

The recaptcha page  is not implemented on all Yahoo servers yet, so only the accounts served by the updated Yahoo servers are not working in X-notifier.