stopped working.

Yesterday X-notifier 4.2.21 stopped working with  It tries to check the email accounts but does not succeed leaving no icon to the left of the account in the X-notifier menu. I can login manually to these email accounts & I do not see any additional prompts (recovery email confirmations, privacy policy updates, etc).  I'm using Firefox 90.0.2. 


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Same. I logged out of hotmail and logged back in and it functioned well for a day. Today it was red in the dropdown menu but black again after I logged in manually.

Just confirming that Hotmail checks stopped working for me as well on latest version of Firefox


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Click on 1 account to open, probably the 1 you clicked on will not open(at least that is how it works with me now...) and once 1 is logged in, let the page open and wait for the icon to show up.   Once there is 1 icon, repeat.

I admit it's sometimes a bit timeconsuming this way, but until so far i managed to get all my icons up every time.

X-notifier checks are failing for all hotmail and live accounts.

When I click on the account, it will still bring me to the webpage.


4.2.21 running on Firefox 90.0.2

I'm sure this has to do with login issues with Outlook and Hotmail email accounts is why the

X-notifier 4.2.21 and this is the reason it is not working but I could be wrong?

I've been using X-notfier for years. I have never had problems with it for Hotmail until the last week.  I see I am not the only one.  Once I uncheck the Hotmail information in X-notifier, it works great. Hotmail is my main email, and so I am very upset about this.  I did leave a message at the Google webstore.  Please fix this. I would greatly appreciate it.  

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It's been more than a year since the last update, Outlook/Hotmail accounts are not working since more than 6 months ago and the problem is still not fixed.

It may be definitely abandoned but it would be useful if the admin confirms it.

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The old expired cookies might block login by X-notifier.
Remove all cookies (this will log you out) and re-login manually.

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Already done, it never checks for new emails on secondary accounts, only on the account marked as default in options.