Firefox 89



just upgraded to firefox 89 and notifier doesnt work with gmail accounts now

Havent changed any setting it was updated as always

when i try to login manual notifier doesnt recognize it and stays "red"

wheni click again even gmail is logged out although i just logged in


hotmail/yahoo seem to be working like before


anyone has same problem? any way to fix?




* Another note for this forum specifically i tried to register with a yahoo mail and i never got the registration email.


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I redirect you to this thread from a year ago:

I think you should start afresh (clearing all google cookies).

FYI: The Gmail script's login procedure is not working. You have to login yourself and keep the session alive (not logging out) by having your browser preserve the google cookies over browser session. The Firefox update might have broken the session with your google server and the still existing expired cookies on your computer might block a new login session (creating fresh cookies).