Stopped Working for Aol/Netscape

Chrome extension stopped working for AOL/Aim/Netscape.  I have two different mailboxes.  XNotifier no longer retrieves notifications from either one.  Clicking on the name of either will take me to the mailbox of whichever one I've most recently (manually) signed into.  It's been a few days now....

I noticed this happening in the last month or so. The account is logged in - and if I click on the the AOL option it will take me to the site and drops me into the mail area.


It just doesn't light up to show new mail.


any suggestions?

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I only have an AOL account for checking the script. When I reactivated the X-notifier AOL account the icon showed red, meaning it was not logged in. After manual login it was ok again and checking correctly. After logging out manually the icon got red again. This made me believe the script's login process stopped working because AOL changed it. However... then I cleared all AOL cookies, to find Check Now got the script to login correctly again! That tells me something is logically wrong in the script - I will check.

In the meantime, can you check whether your X-notifier is logging AOL in and checking after manual logout and clearing all AOL cookies?
(copy/paste to the browser's address field)

cleared the cookies and signed in again

aol stays red but will bring me to the aol site when I click on the red aol option


thanks for looking at it 

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Firefox extension too, stopped working for AOL/Aim/Netscape.

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I noticed before that the URL for requesting the message counts from the server (by XMLHttpRequest post) is now different from the one the XN AOL script still uses. The old URL was still working for me, but not anymore. One of the old URL's parameters is the userId, that you can find in the html source code of the mail URL (Ctrl+U -> Ctrl+F userId). It reads:

   var userId = "DEPRECATED_UID"; 

That explains how AOL stops it from working for users (clients). The dataURL that the script builds then becomes:

Just wanted to chime in and say that my X-Notifier (Firefox) is also failing to check my AOL email account for new messages, but if I click on it it is able to display the inbox.


Is this being worked on?


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The same thing happens to me.

Any solution?