Port for Palemoon 29.2?

Webmail Notifier has been one of my essential extensions for years.

After the xul apocalypse, I switched to Palemoon as my main (and I wish it was my sole) web browser.

Unfortunatelly, as expected, email services changed and some became broken.
Luckily jeroen kept updating scripts which allowed this extension to remain useful in PM (it lost a little recently because of Gmail becoming mostly broken, but I still prefer count it as a daily essential).


Recently, in an atempt to breakaway (branding wise) and simplifying compatibility maintenance (for old and long time non updated extensions), Palemoon stoped supporting extensions not targeting it directly...


Currently, I'm holding at the older version (which supports the old Xul Classic Add-ons) for 2 extensions - Lazarus and WebMail Notifier.


X-Notifier has some forks at github (namely Reloaded and Z-Notifier) but one of the devs seems to have droped it and the other was not willing to (only fair; all other XUL users certainly appreciate and thank him for his work).

Anyone willing to fork it or make a build targeting Palemoon?

How to create a Pale Moon targeted extension - Pale Moon forum


Only thing better was if Mr. tobwithu ported the current WebExtension version back to xul (guess it would be possible)

Join with the same request Palemoon is a good browser which continued to support old extensions like x-notifier, but the last 29.2 version stopped