silent mode / one button stop

Will you please make a one quick select button on the drop down menu or a complete silent mode setting to either disable all the sounds and/or notifications /or completely disable the email checking for the time being. It's frustrating to go through ALL of the emails by unchecking the boxes for eg. late night ASMR video watching, only to tick all the boxes again first thing in the morning. My head nearly explodes when an email notification ding smacks through my eardrums when I'm using headphones with max volume listening to ASMR just before going to bed, so I usually try to remember to go through the lenghty routine of disabling all my emails.


Otherwise a great addon and keep up the good work.

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The single click disable used to be there. I guess it might not be possible for the addon developer using the current API.

But it is less work for you to just temporarily disable the addon! (Just 2-step)
Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+E
 Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+A

This should take you to the Extensions Manager page.
Otherwuse and/or from there follow RpD's instruction below.

(Ctrl-Shift-E is not working for me in Chrome or Edge; and another application interferes with Ctrl-Shift-A in Firefox, so...)

You can disable/enable X-Notifier with three mouse clicks...
- Right-click on the X-Notifier orange envelope icon in the add-ons menubar.
- Click 'Manage Extension'(s)   ...this takes you to the X-Notifier extension controls
- Click the blue 'slider' on the right side of extension control panel to turn X-Notifier off/on