not checking other folders/labels for Gmail


Suddenly, the x-notifier is not checking other folders/labels for Gmail even I have unchecked the "Notify Inbox only". do you guys experience the same issue?


It's working on my Microsoft Edge and Firefox the browsers are both up to date 

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Your X-notifier is not working because you didn't update.
The "Notify Inbox only" option is disabled (greyed-out) in the latest version 4.2.21:

Only the total count is available at this moment.

after updating to 4.2.21, it is still not checking other labels. it only checks the inbox. 

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You are correct, I got confused with the diff between Label as, Move to and Archive. The "full" count is indeed Inbox only.

You can see it in the xml from one of these URLs:

so i guess there is no fix yet, right?


am I the only one who have this problem? didn't see anyone report it here. 

mine still doesn't check other labels/folders. 

I'm having no issues with this extension on both my Microsoft Edge Chromium and Firefox 

So you may want to delete cache / clear cookies/history and see if that makes things work

also, make sure you have the extension updated 

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@CyberToothTiger: I am afraid you don't understand the issue.

The present situation is only the inbox gets notified. So my guess is all your messages land in your inbox and you do not have any unread archived labeled messages. Either you don't use labels other than the smartlabels (categories) or you never archived any unread message using a filter or manually.

Labeling a message doesn't remove it from the inbox. To achieve that you have to use the 'Move to' or Archive feature.