Hotmail/Outlook issue

Hello, I can log in to my Outlook Live account in Incognito mode and I can read, delete, write wmails in this mode.

But I cannot do those things in the normal mode. 

This is the message I get: "We can't display your message right now. Please check your network connection and try again later."

This message happens only on a Chrome browser in normal mode. I also have acces from my Android phone, so this is not a problem of the service, it only happens when I use X-Notifier.

Can anyone help me?

PS: I have deleted all the cookies, restored settings to the original defaults and nothing happened.

PC: Windows 10 Pro, AMD Ryzen 5 3600 16gb RAM.

This is happening to me (and others) on several different accounts on different machines.

The mail is fine on my iPod but does not display messages or folders in the web application using Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. Of course it works fine for me in Edge. My guess is that Microsoft changed something to force users over to Edge (or maybe they just screwed something up?). Try loggin into your Hotmail/Live/Outlook account with Edge and see if it's working for you. Of course you won't have X-notifier there. :(

All of my Hotmail/Live/Outlook accounts seem to be back to normal today.
I guess Microsoft must have figured out their mistake and fixed it. Yay!