How to fix mail sync/conflict

Ever since a month ago, my X-notifier shows that there're "5 Sync Issues/conflicts" with my outlook account and I can't seem to get rid of the counter that always shows "5". 

I believe it might've happened when I started using Outlook for windows 10 and the webmail at the same time.  I've since stopped using the Microsoft Outlook for windows but I can't seem to  fix the sync/conflict issue.  

If I check the "reset counter when opening messages" it does make the counter dissappear, but as soon as I uncheck that option, the "5" for the sync issue reappears again.  I tried to uninstall and reinstall the extension, and also tried X-Notifier Neo and it's the same.  It's kinda troublesome because it always shows the counter making it seems like I have unread email.  

Any help would be great!