Completely stopped working?

Earlier today, the main X-Notifier seemed to completely stop working.

I no longer have any mailboxes listed. When I click on "options" there are no scripts or mailboxes available to be pulled down.

The menu now looks like this:


Check Now


Did something happen to remove *all* the mailboxes? I uninstalled the extension and re-installed; and restarted the browser (and computer); but no luck.

(I did install Neo, and - for the most part - it does what I need, except for the one thing I posted about in the Neo forum  (resetting the counter). If that could be done, I'd happily migrate over to Neo).

I can say that I see that display when I haven't waited long enough, after starting the browser, for X-Notifier to make its first check of my accounts.  Perhaps it displays that way when you've lost your account definitions... have you gone to X-Notifier Options to see?
Do you not have an Exported backup that you can Import?
There is a setting in Options to Reset counter when opening messages.  That's why it resets to zero when you click on your account to go to your inbox.  And the next time it checks it should show the number of new messages, if any.... not total unread messages.


When I go to options, there's no choices to pull down in the box ... I can't set any accounts. :/ I can't pull down for "Gmail" or "Yahoo" or anything.


And, my question about the resetting of messages was for X-Notifier Neo .... that "option to reset" counter doesn't seem to exist with Neo? Or, am I just missing it?

For whatever reason - I restarted Chrome *again* (and this time, I went into Task Manager and manually killed all the running processes). That enabled my pull-down menu to resurface, and I was able to re-enter all my credentials for my emails (and delete Neo from my browser).

Still not sure what happened; but it seems to be rectified.

Sometimes those things happen and it just takes a little perseverance, tinkering to get the software, settings, or stored data corrected or cleared so you can redo them.