Check Now option for GMX.COM has recently turned red.  Chrome Browser, Chrome OS (same on Windows Chrome Browser)

can I get some help please?

Do you mean your GMX account is showing red when you click the X-Notifier icon in the browser toolbar?
"Check Now" itself shouldn't/can't turn red... and it's not the title of the menu.
It's a command you click to make X-Notifier check all the listed accounts for new email.
(If you hold the SHIFT key, and click your GMX account in the drop-down menu, XN should check just that account.)
- WithOUT hold Shift... If you click your GMX account, does it take you to your GMX Inbox?
If clicking your account does Not go to your account Inbox, you may have the wrong password, or the account definition or password may have been corrupted.
I have an account that is always red, but clicking goes right to my account... it most likely means the account script needs an update to fix the check for new email.  

"Do you mean your GMX account is showing red when you click the X-Notifier icon in the browser toolbar?"

Yes Sir.  The words GMX.COM have turned red.  it has happened in the past and back then, I needed a new script.  Here is screen shot (hope I do it right)/:


Clicking on the RED 'link' takes me to GMX.COM where I can log in.  Other accounts (gmail, remain black just like used to be.

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  1. check if you can login manually in your browser without any unusual messages.
  2. clear cookies and caches.
  3. restart your browser.

Thank you. 

  1. yes
  2. done
  3. done

Still red.



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You don't get logged in by the script (I do get logged in)
As long as you are the only one, I have to presume the problem is not the script but your setup.
The password needs to be saved in your browser's password manager. Is it?

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Forget that password requirement: I tested, it proved obsolete.

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Script version should be 2017-11-22.

That's the script I have been using since 2017.  I downloaded it again ... have the on desktop.  It's been so long, not sure what to do with it  I suppose click on it DUH.  Sorry for the delay getting back.  Not receiving notificaetons of replies.  Going to delete gmx from Options and then click on the .js.  Hopefully it will make a difference.  I have my doubts .... the red presents on every machine and every browser.

EDIT:    I guess I inadvertantly changed gms password and some point.  Corrected that and everything is working fine.  I feel a fool.  Thank you for your valuable time.

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The password thing crossed my mind, but seemed to obvious to mention...

WacoJohn: I did mention that... but I didn't get back to read your reply that you had to log in.
Usually, Correct password takes you into Inbox if you click red account.