My X-Notifier Reload 3.x version


I have been a French user of X-Notifier in its Reload 3.x version for several years.

Being disappointed that version 4.x no longer accepts scripts, I have compiled my own Reload 3.x versions over the years. I am currently at version 3.5.30 which I have just compiled with among others the recent scripts provided by jeroen :

  • gmailX.js
  • hotmail.js
  • yahoo.js

I have also included the following scripts :

  • roundcube.js
  • roundcube-all.js

the file is available here :

You can also get it soon on my blog at the end of the following article:

Did you fix the last yahoo changes?

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This add-on could not be installed because appears to be corrupt.

Error details does not contain a valid manifest

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Good evening,

I installed it without any problem on Waterfox Classic 2020.9

Unfortunately the extension doesn't work anymore with GMail even with the GMailX script and I have no solution to fix it.

but the yahoo script doesn't work

CFBancroft's picture fine so far, but not Yahoo.COM

after update Yahoo Scripts right now work again on .COM

Thanks jeroen for HARD work on Scripts.