Yahoo email messed up for me

As of the last 2-3 days, something changed with Yahoo for me which completely messed up my X-Notifier which was working perfectly.  I have 5 different accounts and it makes me log out of one before I can see another.  Even if I click the account in the X-notifier list, it will show me only the email address I currently have open. 

The XN version I think I have is 4.2.19 and my brower is Firefox with the latest update.

X-notifier checks as it should every 10 minutes but does not recognize or automatically open any other email account even though I have 4 of them  set to do that automatically in setup when a new email arrives in the inbox as well.  X-N will properly count the number of unread emails in the one account that I'm logged into but will totally ignore the others even though there are unread emails in those accounts.  I even did a Restore back to when things in XN were working perfectly and it still gives me the same results.

 Yahoo is always dicking with things and attempting to override or disable ad blockers so is anyone else experiencing this ?  I rely almost exclusively on XN and it's one of the only apps I have ever donated to.

I'm experiencing the same issue. I have five Yahoo email accounts, and I believe the problem began on Monday. I missed a lot of emails. I only became aware when my sister asked why I hadn't replied to an email. I love this extension, have used it for years, and know it is not the developer's fault (I too have donated). What worries me the most is Yahoo wants us to use their notification system. I've had my first account since 1996-1997, and if they have control, their ability to cross-reference and collect data amidst the five isn't a good thing. I'd instead use an outside extension.

To verify, I am using Version 2.2.5 of X-notifier Neo and Version 4.2.19 of X-notifier (for Gmail™,Hotmail,Yahoo,AOL...). Both appear to be the latest and most up to date, yet neither work for Yahoo Mail.

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This confirms what I thought being that you are having the identical problem.  I despise Yahoo and this is infuriating.  If I didn't have so many accounts I would dump them like a radioactive rock.

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I notice that Yahoo COM do not work but Yahoo co jp (Japan) works fine.

Same thing happening and with me. I have 6x diferent Yahoo accounts and since Wensday (16 September) the multiple Yahoo accounts notification NOT works anymore. It works only with one Yahoo account anymore...
Before Wensday everything was working perfect!
I use latest X-notifier Version 4.2.19 and same issue happening and with my 3x browsers (FireFox, Chrome, Edge).

I hope X-notifier Team to sort out this!
Thank you in advance.
My best regards.

Same thing appeared today

I have disabled X-Notifier and use the icon in the upper right of yahoo mail. I added all my yahoo email accounts and now have to manually log in to each one to check mail. Hope to get X-Notifier functional again. It's one add-on worth paying for.

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Please update to X-notifier 4.2.20.


Thank you so much!!!
All working again via FireFox as before with the latest 4.2.20 version!
I will wait and the updates for Chrome and Edge as well...


Thank you so much! Works like a charm!!

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Yahoo absolutely hates us using your app.  Ever since that woman became CEO and then the new merger, they have been nothing but jerks and trying to force us to what we don't want.


Thanks for outwitting them once more.  ...... Donating again !

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Update to X-notifier 4.2.20. for Chrom.