Yahoo mail not working

It works with any other account, but when it reffers to my Yahoo mail account, simply it doesn't appear, it's like never were there.

I've tryed to delete all yahoo cookies (including Instagram and flick cookies) and loggin again, but still nothing.

If I go to the Dashboard, it's not there, but if I go to options, I can see the account, but in a grey color.


I would suggest deleting the account, restart browser, and redefine it.
My Yahoo is working normally.
The cookies you would want to clear are xnotifier cookies.


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My mistake, I put it in the wrong sub-forum, I'm using X-notifier Neo

I played with Neo (which I have installed but usually disabled so I can use regular X-Notifier)...
...and sent my Yahoo address three new emails, but I couldn't get Neo to recognize them.
I do still have the Verizon notice popping up when I login to Yahoo Mail though... perhaps that is interfering with Neo although it seems not to affect regular X-Notifier.

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Fixed in 2.2.4.